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Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I had a choice Monday night - go to the gym before RCIA or go to Mass.  I decided to go to the gym because I have been stuck on my weight loss and it is starting to come off again.

After a good 60 minute work out I was on my way to St Joe's for RCIA class.  I was stopped at a stop light at Briggsmore and Oakdale.  SMASH!

Right into the back of me comes a white Suburban.  I became a Honda Civic Hybrid sandwich.

I think my paid-for 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid that I kept in perfect condition is now a total loss.

I won't know for sure until Friday when the inspection will take place.

The other party has taken full responsibility so that is a relief.

My cousin is going to represent me for the medical claim as my right knee now swells and clicks when I start walking on it.

dang it.

I will have another car payment which I cannot afford and so will have to go into my savings.  I can kiss goodbye going to the international in Atlanta as the car payment money I was not having to make anymore was going into savings for that trip.

I am struggling to find God in all this - I understand He did not cause the accident and I am joking when I say, "See?  I should have gone to Mass!" as though it was a punishment.  I am joking a lot - because if I do not stop joking I will start crying at what feels like the constant problems I have just getting through life.  Nothing is ever easy.

Yet I know I am blessed and I know I am loved and I just need to stop complaining.

Please help me to do that, Lord.  I want to be joyful and not a complainer.


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