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Thursday, January 10, 2013

PostAbortive and Recovery

Another sister dealing with the struggle to expose the danger that is abortion  is blogging her personal journey despite the fear, the shame and the backlash that women like us face when we tell people the truth of our past lives. 

I am always amazed at those 'Catholics' or Christians who state they are pro 'choice'.  First of all, they don't like having to admit they are not completing their sentences.  They are in favor of a woman have the option to kill the child she is carrying in her womb.  Second of all they will seldom truthfully explore the reasons behind a woman making that choice - a choice that will most likely haunt her until the end of her life - because to do so means they have to confront the problems facing so many of the powerless today.  Rarely does a woman say, "Let's see...what shall I do today?  I could get my hair done, finish my dissertation on Cicero or go have an abortion.  What to do, what to do...".  Usually we have made our decision because we are alone, we are frightened, we are ashamed, we are in abusive or violent relationships, we are drug addicts and alcoholics, we are sex workers, we are poor.  In other words, we do not think we have any OTHER choice, or that the choice to have the child and give the child up for adoption would be too difficult for us to do - because we are alone, we are frightened, we are ashamed...etc. etc. etc.

As most people know, I am in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction.  My recovery is rooted in the a 12 Step program appropriate to my disease and I have taken each of the steps a few times as well as sponsored a great many women and a couple of men.  I have listened to countless 5th Steps.  Almost every woman has an abortion in their history and one man I listened to told me, in tears, that his girlfriend's parents had insisted she get an abortion when he was 17 years old and he has never felt like he had a chance to be a man and protect his child.

Not every post abortive woman is pro- life today.  Many remain committed to legal and free access to abortions because they cannot imagine a society that tries to help the young, pregnant abandoned woman.  They know the fear of telling a pimp they are pregnant.  They understand the physical damage that can be done to a child in utero because the mother is powerless over alcohol and drugs and they cannot imagine that it is better that such a damaged human being be born.  I understand their thought process because it once was mine.

What I know today, however, that once I ok the slaughter of innocents then I have stepped over a line into utter darkness.  It does not matter my intentions.  It does not matter my rationale.  Unless I am willing to stay, "No, I understand but it is still wrong" and accompany that with, "So please, let me help you" then I am betraying my own kind. 

As the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade approaches, please pray for all of us. Please pray for those women who think they have no choice.  Please pray that someone touches them, someone reassures them and someone helps them before they take an action that will do nothing but hurt them for years and years to come.


chimakuni said...

Prayers for our nation, our vulnerable women and men ... and for our precious unborn.

Love you Leslie!

Robert said...

As uncomfortable as it is, once a Catholic always a Catholic. Everyone should be grateful that membership is not up to me, for I am a fallible creature, prone to lying, conceit, unjustified anger and just plain self-will run riot. The Father planned this deal out far better than I could have. Far better than I deserve.