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Thursday, January 17, 2013


I swear....if we lose this weekend I am going to help launch a campaign to file a class action lawsuit against Sports Illustrated....

We were talking about this team of ours, these Niners we are having so much fun watching.  We have decided Colin K is a weird combination of Joe Montana and Steve Young.  Not exactly the hyperstatic union but by golly it comes close.

And what of poor Alex Smith, sitting on the bench and getting paid more money for doing so than I will earn in several lifetimes?

I tried to trade him about six times over the past two years but no one would ever listen to me.

I love football season.  It is so much fun.  I actually have a second date with someone I met on Catholic Match and because it is on Sunday he is invited to my house to watch the game and have dinner with me and my mother.

I probably am putting the big squish on any chance for a real romance but by golly I am not missing the game for nothin'...

Because who has got it better than us???????



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