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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

And so It Begins

I left here with a need for two new clerks. I hired one before I left but she started while I was on vacation.  My boss interviewed for the second one.  The hiring was done and now that person is going for another interview tomorrow for a permanent position (the one here is for a Temp).

I went to the new outlets over in Livermore and the only purse I saw at the COACH outlet cost $798.00.

One of my temporary teeth keeps falling out.  I can jam it back in for now but my first business meeting of the year is a breakfast meeting.  Oh joy.

I am giving a party on January 12.  It is the first party I have ever given in Modesto that is just open to people who want to come watch a movie at my house.  I chose that night because I figured the Niners would be playing at home and would be done by 4 pm.  Right?  WRONG.  Niners play the Packers at 5pm.  People coming over to watch the movie at 7pm.  No one can ever accuse me of being overly organized.

Thank heavens the new season of Downton Abbey started on Sunday...Zombies don't start until February.

You know what I learned at RCIA last night?

Loving the lovable is for wimps - Catholics love those who hate their guts, lie about them, make fun of them, reject them, call them names, spread lies about them and otherwise persecute them and hate them for being Catholic. wonder most people today don't love...I mean, they SAY the love (Love you!  Love those Niners!  I love that CAR! I love my cat!) but most of them (including myself) do not really love anyone.

You want to know why?

Too dang hard - I would rather jam fake teeth into my gums, eat breakfast with strangers while discussing payroll problems, run up and down the stairs between televisions and/or fight Zombies after a marvelous dinner at an English Castle.

Unfortunately for me, because I am a Catholic Out Loud, I don't get to not do this part of the deal.  I have to love the unlovable.

Boy oh Boy am I glad for the Sacrament of Reconciliation!


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