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Monday, March 5, 2012

Midmorning Prayer from the Book of Wisdom

The Reading from the Book of Wisdom this morning is 11:23-24.

      You have mercy on all, because you can do all things;
            and you overlook the sins of men that
       they may repent.
      For you love all things that are
            and loathe nothing that you have made.

Create in my a clean heart, O God. 
Renew in me a steadfast spirit.

There has been a lot of blather the past few days about the horrendously inappropriate remarks made by Rush Limbaugh regarding a Georgetown University Law Student's testimony before a Democratic panel.  The young woman is an advocate of Government paid birth control for all and she stated that her birth control costs her 3,000.00 a year.  Because she cannot, at this time of her life, afford the cost she firmly believes the government needs to pay for it.

Mr. Limbaugh disagrees with her, as do I.  Mr. Limbaugh and I part company in that he feels her point of view means she is a prostitute and a slut.

Mr. Limbaugh has apologized because of pressure from both sides of the aisle - Republicans and Democrats and his radio show's sponsors.

Bill Maher calls Sarah Palin (a person I do not agree with and do not support politically) the C word regularly on his program.  Apparently, when he does so it is not considered a war on women.

The War on Women - or the manufactured issue of the day - is supposedly a right-wing conspiracy by Republicans and manifests itself as an attempt to withhold artificial birthcontrol from women.

It is a cleverly planned assault by the Left because of the failures of the present administration - the economy still sucks, water boarding is still being used, Gitmo is still open, our boys are being murdered by the very villains they trained in Afghanistan and we are witnesses to an assault by the present administration on organized religion that is reminiscent of the Know-Nothings of two centuries ago.  I will not be surprised to see "Catholics Need Not Apply" signs in windows at some point.

Beginning with that odd question by George Stephanapolous way-back-when during the Republican debates, asking the candidates what their personal belief about artificial birth control is, the Left has carefully orchestrated the idea that if one is conservative, one hates women.

The fact that this is absurd, that the Left regularly assails women who disagree with them as c**ts, b***hes, wh***s and idiots, is lost on the majority of Liberals in the country.  I see it regularly on Facebook.  They continuously buy into the lie that unless one is lockstep in line with political thinking one is a traitor to their own sex - yet many of the people call themselves Catholic and demand that they be allowed to be their own Pope.

Religion and Politics are different; however, neither one of those arenas should ask that we suspend our ability to THINK, to use REASON.  And while I get frustrated with those who cannot see that once you start down the road that things you WANT are automatically RIGHTS that the GOVERNMENT has to provide you are entering in to very dangerous waters of personal responsibility and government intervention into you life, it would never occur to me to call those Catholics who think Doctrine and Dogma are decided by a vote of the faithful nasty names.

There is a war on women.  It is a war that began when someone, somewhere got the idea that our freedom lies in our ability to have sex without consequences and behave like immoral men.  While we deserve the right to thrive in the workplace, to be able to walk down the street without being raped or beaten, to be supported financially by men who suddenly decide they want a new wife, we do NOT have a RIGHT to kill our children before they are born.  We have a right, of course, to fill our bodies with whatever poisons we want in order to live however we want - we do NOT have the right to demand that the government pay for that, or that a religious institution that teaches such things are evil pay for them either, just because we took a job with them.

I am disgusted with Limbaugh.  I am disgusted with Maher.  I am wondering when women on BOTH sides of the aisle are going to demand that these horrible misogynist men be held accountable for their actions. 

When are we going to grow up?

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