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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Today is the Feast Day of St Valentine, though which St. Valentine is open to debate.  The early Church acknowledged two martyred priests named Valentinius and there is a fairly decent article about the facts/legends/customs and practices surrounding these two saintly Catholics that may be read here. 

For someone like me, St Valentine's Day is a kind of mixed bag of horror and silliness.  I have been known, in the not too distant past, to send myself flowers just so other people would not feel sorry for me.  However, I got so embarrassed about having to go to Confession because of that particular lie that I was freed from that sin really fast.  Besides, it is too expensive to pretend to have a boyfriend.

As I grew in both sobriety and Faith, I realized that I have a wonderful Bridegroom in Christ Jesus and I have an amazing single life due to my 12 step program.  However, just between you, me and the Internet, it would be nice to get some flowers from SOMEBODY that isn't obligated to love me because we are related.  Shoot, it would be nice to get a CARD from somebody I AM related to - but you know what?  They let me know every day that I am loved and so it is a little difficult to work up too much steam over no roses or candy on February 14.

Anyway, I can't eat candy now because of the Gastric Sleeve surgery.  This morning I weighed less than I did when I got married 25 years ago.  Yes, I was a fat bride but that's beside the point. Stop bursting my bubble, will you?

The Obama Administration gave a little on the horrible HHS mandate regarding forcing religious institutions (not just The Catholic Church but ANY religious institutions) to purchase a product and provide a service that flies in the face of their religious teachings.  However, it is not enough and I have a feeling his little group up there in Washington is amazed at the reaction.  Catholics on both sides of the aisle, even the not-so-good Catholics like our VP, have hammered the POTUS on this issue. 

So the media has retaliated by printing stories of 'intrigue and scandal' at the Vatican - let's distract the general population with the age old argument:  The Catholic Church is full of sinners; therefore Her Teachings must be corrupt, outdated and ridiculous.

That is like saying, of course, that because the off ramp has a speed limit on it of 25 miles per hour but the majority of the people exiting take it at 35 that the 25 MPH must be wrong.  And listen, there are those who would argue that quite forcefully and then flip their tiny little NannyGovernmentWigs when some idiot teenage flips Mommy's SUV and kills their passenger while taking the exit at 35 MPH on a rainy day.

And I am amazed that no one cares that the medicines (and I use that term lightly) the Left want made available to women on demand are full of poison; they cause blood clots, cancer, high blood pressure and have been linked to increased instances of infertility.  Nope, don't address THAT part of the issue.  You see, if you take these drugs you can have sex without consequences (babies) young lady and THAT is the ONLY way you will ever be FREE.

What a load of ridiculousness.

Well, I am glad today is the Feast of St Valentine under the OLD Roman Calendar. Both of them were martyrs to the Truth, defending the Faith when the government tried to wipe it out and blame us for every ill their own poor management and dissolute lifestyle had created. 

The Church grows from the blood of Martyrs...and people like me, who have found Truth once the fog of drugs and alcohol had lifted, may have to be willing to say, "Go ahead.  Take your best shot.  Jesus, here I come".

St Valentine (both of you), pray for US!!!

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