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Friday, January 27, 2012

DFW - A Fabulous program comes to an end

DFW has been a stop over R&R station for our returning soldiers for over seven years.  Because of the draw down of American troops in Afghanistan, the US Army says the busy airport will no longer serve as a stop over station.

Now, that's kind of a good thing - it means our boys and girls in uniform are coming home.

That's not the story - the story is the incredible volunteer program put together by the women and men of Dallas/Fort Worth area.   On their own time, and on their own dime, they put together a Texas style welcome for every group that came through the doors at DFW.  My soldier was one of them, and he shared with us that their plane was met with a Water Canon Salute, a crowd of people with waving flags and lots of goodies to share, and the kind of 'We Love You because You Did the Deal' attitude that our soliders deserve when they are returning from the war.

I know that war is hell.  I know we have lost so many of our best and brightest, that some horrible things have happened to our young men and women and that they have seen, heard and participated in a side of life no right-thinking person wants for their children.  I also know that we cannot ever let them feel that their efforts and work is not appreciated.  They deserve support - medical, emotional, scholastically, financially, and most of all spiritually.  They MUST never forget that WE have not forgotten...for me, I can never forget.

SO read the article.  It is fabulous.  Makes me proud to be 'Half Texan'.

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Kathi McClenney said...

Thanks for sharing the story about Ryan..and your post is exactly why I do my 'Surfing the web' posts :) so that someone will see a link that interests Them, and then....the ripples spread outward! great post,Leslie :)