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Monday, January 23, 2012


Well, after an amazing football season my San Francisco Forty Niners fell short of the goal of Super Bowl.  In OT, they lost by three points to the NY Giants.  The mistake made fell to poor Kyle Williams, who muffed a return and gave the Giants FG range.

Doggone it.

I have to say I did not expect us to go as far as we did and I had a GREAT time this season.  I like our new coach, I feel sorry for Kyle (he has received death threats on twitter - tell me how stupid that is, ok?) and I am proud to call myself a Forty Niner Faithful one more time.

I suppose I will root for the Giants because I am an NFC kind of girl, but the Patriots are a fun team too and Tom Brady is from the Bay Area....

The best part of the Super Bowl will now be the commercials.

I love the silly stuff they do with commercials every year. 

Let's face it - I love football.  I would be watching no matter who plays.  I am, a bit, relieved we did not make it to the Super Bowl because the franchise has never lost in the Big Show and we are not quite Super Bowl material as yet.

But just wait until next year....

Whose got it better than us?


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