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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Call to Catholic Action

Catholic Bishops are calling upon all the Faithful to stand up and be counted. 

The Obama Administration has decided that Catholic Institutions will be required to provide Health Care Benefits that fly in the face of Catholic Teaching.  There will not be any kind of 'opting out' for reasons of conscience, which not only is a horrible way to run this country but absolutely tramples upon the meaning behind the idea of separation of Church and State.  We have, from the beginning, tried not to foster any whiff of theocracy in our government; however, the real worry has never been that the Church will impose their will upon the Government.  Rather, it has been that the GOVERNMENT will impose its will upon the CHURCH.

You would think that well-educated people would recoil from this decision based on past historical experiences.  The Church has never, and will never, be destroyed.  Whether it is Roman Emperors demanding that little children offer pagan sacrifices to false gods, Muslim Imams demanding that Catholics abandon the Eucharist to follow a false religion or idiotic politicians demanding that everyone enter into private contracts for health care, persecutions of The Church have never worked.  In fact, persecutions have always backfired on those trying to destroy us.  We are made stronger by the blood of the martyrs and it does not matter if that blood is real or symbolic....push me around and my Faith grows deeper. 

I read on Facebook where someone was OUTRAGED and so glad they had not grown up Catholic because Bishops preaching about this latest governmental injustice is WRONG.  My response was to gently remind her that no one minds when our Holy Bishops speak out against injustices against immigrants.  No one minds when our priests and nuns get hit with fire hoses while marching for civil rights in Selma, Alabama.  No one minds when our priests preach that denying someone a fair wage based on their sex or sexual orientation is a sin.  THAT is fine - it is only when we disagree with the government policy YOU agree with that we should keep our mouths shut. all charity, may I simply say, "Stick a sock in it, Sister.  We ain't shuttin' up".

The fact that large universities will probably stop providing health care if this decision is allowed to stand never seems to hit anyone.  They would still be viable and still be competitive in the workplace.  They would simply give their employees more money and the employee would have to get their own health care...and those Catholics who believe in separation of Church and State would not be forced to support something that is morally reprehensible to them.  We will be allowed to want to go to heaven more than we want to be politically correct in a corrupt and ridiculous world.

I am proud to be an American.  I am a proud Army Auntie.  What I will tell you all - if you value your freedom you will stand with Catholics and demand that your representatives support a bill that allows for religious exemption.

When they came for the Jews, you didn't say anything.  When they came for the homosexuals, you didn't say anything.  When they came for the Catholics, you didn't say anything.  When they came for the Protestants, you did not say a word.  When they came for the Muslims, you said nothing.  When they came for the atheists, you looked around and realized no one was left that would stand up for you...because those of us who are used to shouting directly into the face of tyranny and saying, "We love you, but this is WRONG" were already gone.

The Church will weather this, of course, because the gates of hell will never overtake Her.  America?  We need to stand up...and stop being concerned only with the next techno toy.

St Michael the Archangel, DEFEND US IN BATTLE.


shoney45 said...

I'm sure you won't be posting this,and that is fine because you are the only one who I want to make real sure understands something. You xians are your own undoing.

You actually made the Satanically inspired case that since there are child-rapists likeWarren Jeff out there, that those of us who love plants and look to them for healing and salvation need to be considered as dangerous as Warren Jeff.

And if we don't think we're as dangerous as Warren Jeff, then we need to make a long drawn out, hyper-expensive legal battle against the federal government and the DEA to prove we should be allowed to practice our religion freely.

And in the meantime, we can go to prison for practicing our religin freely. And you believe these things in spite of there being zero information in the medical literature that ayahuasca is bad for ANYONE. You turned out to be just as much as a useless bigot as any other xian idiot.

And do you want to know the irony of your belief that those of us who love plants need to be consdidered as dangerous as Warren Jeff until we can prove we are not child raptsts (guilty until proven innocnet eh Lelslie? How very AmeriKKKan of you).

The EXTREMELY dark, and totally ironic comedy to your love of relgious persecution against people like Native Americans and myself is that YOU ACTUALLY BELONG TO THE 2ND MOST INTRANSIGENTLY VIOLENT, AND HATE FILLED RELIGION IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!!!

Hey!!!USELESS HYPOCRITE!!! When you DARED to even periferally associate what we do in our religion with what Warren Jeff does, did you forget that you actually belong to a religion that I can verifiably show PACKS ITS RANKS WITH CHILD RAPISTS?!?!

You actually belong to a church filled with priests who get their rocks off by sucking on 8 year old cock, and shoving their dick into 7year old anus inside of Roman Catholic peep show booths....I mean confessionals.

I did indeed send off my letter to the president congratulating him on his decision. This growing realization I have that Catholics, and Protestansts are almost universally, tyrrany loving prohibitionists like yourself who believe in persectution for the rest of us, but not for you is stunning.

And given that you think the rest of us need to prove to the federal government that we are not child abusers in order to be allowed to practice our religion freely, I have come to the realization that you are not part of the solution, you and xians everywhere are part of the problem. And I am now the enemy of your child raping church since you have made it VERY clear that you are MY enemy.

It seems important to me to let you know that given this rabid, foaming at the mouth form of xian hypocrisy, I am now firmy committed as a result of your letter to turn a blind eye to any ACTUAL xian persection if it happens.

After all, you believe I need to prove to the feds I am not a child abuser in order to be allowed to pracitce my religion freely.

Good work useless hypocrite. Email me if you want, I won't read one single word from you. Since you deem me as suspect as a child rapist unless I can prove otherwise to the government, thatmeans I care NOTHING for ANYTHING that you have to say, think, or feel.

Good bye and fuck off Leslie.

Leslie K. said...

I posted the above because I believe in free speech. I also posted it because this man, Sean Clark, is lying. I never made the argent he is claiming I made. I have never told those who use plants in their religious liturgy that they are like Warren Jeffs.

Sean is a sad and angry man. He suffers and we, as Catholics, are called to love him and to forgive him. He is not dangerous; however he is lost.

Please hold him in prayer.

chimakuni said...

oh my - this is quite some rant. I will pray for Sean ...