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Friday, September 2, 2011

My Bible is better than YOUR Bible - and other Weird Claims

I recently read a cut and paste presenation by a fundamentalist Christian over at a Forum site for a local paper. 

To pick it apart would take too long - faulty reasoning, poor references to Church Fathers, and a rejection of historical truth that boggles the mind. 

Jason Evert, an apologist at Catholic Answers, wrote an excellent article for This Rock Magazine on this very subject (clickhereforthe article) and I refuse to reinvent the wheel.

What I find odd, as always, is that these people who claim a philosophy of Sola Scriptura will reject the doctrine explained in the Bread of Life discourse found in the Gospel of St John.  Suddenly, at a time when Jesus could not be speaking any plainer, they are convinced He was somehow kidding.

I am probably just getting too old for some of this stuff - the apologist for fundamentalists always end up degenerating into name-calling and veiled insults and then get their feelings hurt very easily.  James White is a very good example of a man who would rather attack and villify his sister than look honestly at her journey of faith, and evaluate her experiences in light of Love rather than anger.  I think, and this is just my guess, that there is such a feeling of anger and resentment towards those of us who reject a truncated theology that it must have just killed something inside him to have his own sister become a Catholic.

How DARE she?

Ah, problems are not restricted to those who hate Catholics.  My own family is a very good example of what happens when God is pushed out of all decisions (I know - let's buy a MONKEY!  That will make everything OK!).

I am about to eat my yogurt - I wish there was more protein to be found in a bag of M&Ms......

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