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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Getting Used to the Changes

There is a new way of posting on my blog and it is another thing for me to get used to - ah, changes!

I have had to learn a new system for tracking employee attendance (and it is going to be fabulous once I actually know what I am doing).

I am learning all the new names of Forty Niners (I like that Hunter kid and Colin, the rookie qb, is from the Valley so I now I just have, what, forty more names and numbers to learn?).

But most exciting of all, beginning in Advent we will have a new translation of the Mass to learn.

It is a wonderful new translation, much better than the one we have been using since the 1970's, though to be generous to those who did that translation they did a pretty darn good job at the time.  The changes will seem minor and probably annoying to the average Catholic in the pew.  For someone like me, however, who is a Liturgy Geek, the changes are going to help me elevate my worship so that the Holy Mass can be the foretaste of heaven it is meant to be.

I made the decision to never leave the Eucharist again - I believe Jesus when He says that those who do not eat His Flesh or drink His Blood will NOT have eternal life, and I have too many other things working against me to not pay attention to THAT - so even if I thought the translation was ridiculous I would still be in the pew every Sunday.  However, I have discovered that if I am open to the grace and love that flows from Holy Mother Church then I am going to be overwhelmed with the gifts from Christ.

Change is not always easy.  Heck, for me it is never easy.  I am adjusting to thinking of myself as an only child and I am adjusting to the changes at work and I am learning the numbers of the new guys on the team.

But the new translation is not going to be just another adjustment.  Personally, I see it as another way for me to get closer to my Lord and Savior.  I would expect nothing less from His Bride but a better way to unite with Him.

The Church is my mother - and she is doing exactly what a good mother does for her children.

How wonderful is that?

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