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Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Life that is 2nd to NONE

I spent Veterans' Day with Nephew 2 (the sequel), half of Friday last with Niece (she taught me how to play Spyro the Dragon: New Beginnings) and had a weekend full of love, laughter, Jesus and sobriety.

I shared it on The Hive - George and Robert have been very quiet in terms of harassment and I am sure that is because George came close to being charged with stalking by several women and one man he was relentlessly pursuing.

I have been posting and talking with people for awhile without any negative consequences (I do not count the weird Baptist Man as a negative as he is so weird even the WEIRD people on The Hive discount him - and yes, I include myself in that number so that when one of them decides to cut and past this blog address into their nasty post, whoever reads the entire thing will see they are NUTS).

Anyway, I have had some really good times lately even when struggling - which is hard to explain to someone who does not have the Traditional Christian concept of Redemptive Suffering held by those of us who are members of Christ's Church. Basically, the closer we get to Jesus the more we have the opportunity to share in His Passion. It has given rise to an old Catholic joke.

"Why am I in such torment, Father?" asks the penitent.

"Because Jesus loves you so much, He wants you to share His Suffering", replies the Holy Priest.

"Great. Let Him love that guy over there for awhile, ok?".

The point is that when, over the weekend, a newcomer went a little crazy and started texting (God, I hate TEXTING) people about how horrible I am (I told her something she did not want to hear which makes me horrible), I got about 25 calls from the people she is trying to drag into some sort of feud asking me what they should do. They were mad at her. They could not get her to shut up.

"Love her".

My sponsor taught me that - and The Church affirms it. The newcomer knows that if she gets out of hand, she will be dealt with legally if necessary but she thrives on the drama. She even texted my sponsor - who deleted all her texts without answer. She wants NOTHING to do with this nut (her words, not mine).

I feel the same way about George and his little cohorts; however, he is much more dangerous as he pretends to be other people, stalks people, posts lies on the internet and twists the truth.

For instance: I was allowed to blog anonymously about my work experience because it was so tough my first two years here. We use it as training tools when discussing HR situations like training, harassment, etc.

you want to know how I know George is posting? He brings that up - I mentioned it ONCE about FIVE YEARS ago....

I wish I could post more on John Heaton's blog but all it does is make me vulnerable to his attacks and since he reared his ugly head, I am laying low for awhile.

BUT - here is the great part:

The Niners won another game. They have this great new QB named TROY SMITH who won the Heisman Trophy a few years back. He is amazing....and he is OUR QB now.

Nephew 1 is in Afghanistan....please pray for him.

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