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Friday, October 30, 2009

What a Long, Strange Week It's Been

Little Chase lost his battle for earthly life but won eternal life with his Father in Heaven. He entered into this new and fabulous phase of existence on October 28, 2009. Forever known as an innocent child, Chase brought joy to everyone who had the chance to know and love him. In the short time Our Lord allowed Chase to brighten our lives, he taught us perseverance, courage and how to face adversity without wimpin' out. Oh that our men today could exhibit the bravery of this little boy. There would be far happier families, safer women and prouder mothers if the courage shown by this little tyke could be shown by our leaders in Congress or in The White House.

But no...we can't do that...we are, unfortunately, weighed down by our own fallen natures. We cannot resist the opportunity to attack attack attack. Even when we lie, we end up revealing ourselves by a turn of phrase, a need to poke someone else's bruise, the inability to forget, forgive and move on.

We had another horrible shock this week....Doug (Grandpa Doug) suffered a massive coronary while running. Discovered by a homeless man on the trail behind his house, Doug was unconscious and barely breathing. The man started CPR and called 911 on Doug's cell phone.

Doug has been in a coma this week. A man who never eats red meat, regularly exercises and competes in 10k and Marathons is now fighting for his life, his brain waves at 6 and his heart fully blocked. I am in shock. Truly. This is the kind of thing that no one would ever expect to happen.

So forgive me if GM on The Hive pretending to be 'new' and posting under HamHock really gets my attention. Forgive me if Wayne - the nut who believes Jesus joined someone else's church rather than start His own - 'shakes the dust from his feet' because he cannot convince me of the 'error of my ways' and it just makes me laugh out loud. I keep these two in prayer, but come on...a drinking, lying drunk and a man who ignores history cannot capture too much of my attention this week - except, they did capture it long enough to give me a good hearty chuckle and a surge of endorphins. Is that how you spell it?

Since having that experience of 'total Love', I cannot work up the energy to get riled up over heresy (especially when the heretics involved would get angry if they were asked to spell heresy).

The nephew did email his father and apologized for joining the Army against his wishes. The brother accepted the apology. We'll see how that translates into practical action but, as I told the nephew, his side of the street is clean and if something happens to him or to his dad (who we love very much) then the nephew can stand before Jesus and say, "I made a mistake. I apologized. I tried to correct my behavior and live with honor. I love you, Lord.".

New John Cusack movie comes out November 13 - nothing major, just the end of the world (again). Since I could care less about the plot of any movie he or Keanu Reeves are in, I plan to will be fun.



Christine Trollinger said...

There are weeks like that. So sorry the babe lost his cancer battle. Praying for Doug.

And enjoy that movie. You deserve it.

Kathi said...

Expected this sad news was coming about Chase, but still so sorry to hear it. Keeping his family and all of you in my prayers, and also for Doug.....

and on a lighter note:)...I totally agree,lol, doesn't matter what the plot is, with either of those actors.

Hugs and Love.

Mountain Mom said...

Our love and prayers are with you and yours.

Leslie K. said...

thank you all for your wonderful prayers and good wishes. Doug has taken a turn for the worse and so we expect him to continue onto his eternal life soon. Please keep us in your prayers.