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Monday, October 26, 2009

The Sorrow never Stops

Not only are we waiting to hear news that Chase has been healed - either miraculously restored to health or healed by being carried to the waiting Arms of Jesus - we are now waiting to hear what is happening with Doug.

Grandpa Doug, the husband of the children's grandmother Barbara, has been in their lives for at least 10 years. Stephen and Jillian never knew their Grandfather Leonard Miller and Doug is the closest to a grandpa they have had besides my father.

Friday morning, Doug (an accomplished marathon runner) was found on the trail he frequents by a homeless man. Doug had suffered a heart attack. We do not know how long he was there and how long his brain was deprived of oxygen. Right now he is in Doctor's Hospital fighting for his life.

It is very difficult to take the behavior of the LOM(s) on The Hive with any degree of seriousness when this kind of thing is going on in one's life.

The Niners lost and Cal won. I have a huge project that starts tomorrow morning at 6am here at work. Troops continue to die in Afghanistan and Ryan is getting closer to his induction date (it is January 4).

I got both my flu shots on Friday (the regular one and the Miss Piggy one) and my arms are so sore. I was surprised I was ok'd for the H1N1 but apparently having a chronic illness like RA means I get shot up. I told the man that if they were low on vacines to skip me and he said, "Nonsense".

In a way I am glad. I am around the kids at home and at St Joseph's and I would not want to be the reason someone gets sick. Besides, St Joe's is such an orthodox parish that everywhere you look is another pregnant I want to be a contributer to health and not the reason someone ends up in the hospital with pneumonia.

I guess I probably sound a little tired and discouraged. I'm not, truly - I am tired but I am always tired so that's nothing new. And I understand that I am blessed to have this tiny bit of the Cross of Christ to bear regarding my sorrow over Chase and Doug. I get it...I do...yet, the wry humor of St Teresa of Avila comes to mind.

If this is how You treat your friends, Lord, it is no wonder You have so few of them.

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