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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Everything was quiet and then kablam

The Hive was a great place to post for about three LOM is back under fake names (the lastest: BikeRack III). I do not get this. I will never understand the anger that drives this man.


I have fought the worst back ache all week. It has been just awful. I am doing tons better today but I will tell you it has been a week for offering pain for the souls in Purgatory - and someone better have gotten out or I will complain to management.

Another LOM is attacking me for writing about how I am offering everything I do, from my Weight Watchers to brushing my teeth, for the glory of the Lord. He is a weird little man...loves Jesus but thinks Jesus joined St JOHN THE BAPTIST'S CHURCH rather than founded The Church...weird.

I get to go the the RCIA picnic tomorrow. Should be fun.

I cannot imagine what this week would have been like if I had not had Jesus and the saints and angels to get me through it. Thank you, was a good week, pain and all.

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