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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Continued Games

It is so funny.

Some people have been suspended from The Hive because of the horrible name-calling and bashing and blah blah blah.

I am having a great time noticing, quietly, who is honoring their 'time out' and who is not...and as you might guess, LOM is not.

Today I go in for some training. This means I get back to Modesto late. I have to meet with an attorney and then go to my home group and so no sleep for me. I am taking tonight as a vacation day with my bosses blessing.

It is one of those days.

I was guided to the Gospel of St. Matthew yesterday morning. I read the section about not knowing when someone's last day on earth will be and it got me thinking about those people who demand that abortion be considered health care and that they have the right to kill themselves if life gets too painful.

I suddenly made the connection with thinking along those lines and the lie our first parents believed: you too, shall be like god.

Isn't this what all this stuff is about? The so-called 'rights' society says we should exercise is the right to call the shots completely - to demonstrate our god-like powers by controlling when someone lives and when we die. Not satisfied with the fact that God has granted us the gift of participating in the creation of human beings, we demand the right to kill them...then, just to make sure everyone understands that we don't really LIKE to have to do these things we give our actions better names: Termination of a Pregnancy, Euthenasia....freedom.

As I get older, I have more perspective on just what this 'freedom' costs us. We are not free if we are slaves to sin; and I am not talking about sexual sin or having lots of boyfriends or running around on your wife. That's bad but it is the manifestation of a much deeper problem.

Our problem is pride.

We want what we want when we want it and no one better get in our way. Suspend me from The Hive? I'll create a new name and then blast LSK for being a bad Christian. My wife gets fat after 15 years of marriage? I'll go after a lonely widow and tell her I am falling in love with her. Running out of money? Hey, I know...let's pretend we are Vietnam Combat Veterans and see who we can get to pay our bills out of love for their country?

Pride Pride is a deadly sin...and from it flows so many sins. I have to keep an eye on myself...because there is a difference between being proud of my accomplishments because they bring glory to God and being a prideful woman who thinks she deserves adoration.

Lord, save me from ME.

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