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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What a Day! What a Day!

The Roman Catholic Church celebrates the feast of St. Therese, the Little Flower, on October 1st each year. This date was chosen because Therese died on September 30th. Following the ancient custom of celebrating their entrance into heaven the next day, October 1st was chosen as the day to celebrate Therese's life and eternity. Some people may remember that her Feast Day was previously October 3rd. That date was established for several reasons, including a packed liturgical calendar. In the liturgical renewal of the 1970's, when the calendar of saints was updated and refined, St. Therese's feast was properly moved to the more appropriate October 1st date. It is interesting to note that St. Therese's home Church in France celebrates her Feast Day on the last Saturday of September, no matter what the date.

St. Therese is one of my favorite saints. Along with St Cecilia, my patron, the Little Flower is someone I pray with as often as possible (like every day). I believe she has my back. I also believe that she understands my struggle to make every little thing I do, no matter how small or how insignificant it is to the world, a way to glorify God.

I was accused by a Christian of another faith tradition of taking the Lord's Name in vain because I ask for God's help in following my Weight Watcher Plan. It surprised me, but it also made me sad for him. How sad to have Jesus but scorn His Church! How sad to cut yourself off from all your powerful brothers and sisters already standing with Him in Heaven! It would be like having someone in your family who is a doctor and refusing to ask him if you should have that mysterious cough checked out because you are pretty sure, having already completed the journey to become a doctor, he is not the least bit interested in helping a family member stay whole and healthy.

It dawned on me that perhaps it is my devotions to the saints that makes it easier for me to help people in my immediate group that others get so tired of dealing with or being around. Not that I don't get tired of them too. Trust me, if I have to listen to anyone whine anymore about their aches, pains or money problems and then go get their hair done I am going to scream (albeit, silently). However, I do believe that being brought up Catholic with an appreciation for the Saints and Angels it has never occurred to me to refuse help when a family member or friend asks. I may even WANT to say no...sometimes I have HAD to say no because I may not be able to help...but I always try to say yes.

People have a incorrect perception of what it means to pray with the Communion of Saints. I heard one Calvinist say that once the person is dead they don't care about us anymore. How SAD to think that! As though Love is so shallow it stops when ones physical body gives out.

So today, on the day my dear sister-in-Christ left this earth, I ask her to pray with me and for me. Tomorrow is her Feast Day. Thank you, St Therese, for being my friend.

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Christine Trollinger said...

Happy Feast Day! St Theresa. May you shower us all with Roses today and everyday.