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Monday, September 28, 2009

Well DARN that Brett Farve

OH what a heartbreak of a loss we had Sunday! That darn explosive Brett Farve threw a beautiful 40 yard pass for a touchdown in the last seconds of the game...literally the last SECONDS. There was 2 seconds LEFT on the clock. How can you absolutely hate that when it is such a great play? I wish we had won, but by golly Brett did football in general proud with his work.

Life at the ol'office is interesting. A couple of the clerks are raising a ruckus about furlough days. As usual, they are raising an unnecessary ruckus but it is such a pain in the butt to have to deal with their goofiness. Oh well, that's why I make the big bucks, right?

Today I read some more in the Climbing the Mountain book Ana lent me. I read some interesting advice on discouragement. More than simply offering it up as redemptive suffering, Anne, the writer, suggests we show it to heaven as an acknowledgement that we are not feeling up to our usual strength, and then 'put it in the backpack and continue the climb'. Her ideas are that, by showing heaven we are willing to shoulder the burden God will make sure He shows His pleasure with this assent of faith by sending us the Grace we need to continue the climb up the mountain for that day.

I wonder if I need to be worried...I just got a dull pain in my chest and broke out in a sweat. Well, if I should worry I will have to do it tomorrow because it is time to get back to work.



Kathi said...

Sorry bout your Niners, but it Was a great play!
lol, you'll appreciate this....after Detroit won? I changed into my 100 year old Detroit Lions shirt, now, my Skins fan isn't talking to me:)

and, take care of yourself!!

Leslie K. said...

HA! I have one of those shirts! Not for the Lions but I have a 100 year old Niner shirt with the number used by Leo "The Lion" Nomellini!