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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I am so impressed!

This morning, on The Hive, is an actual attempt to promote civility among our male contributors.

I am so impressed!

Wayne, a very dedicated Baptist (he thinks Jesus joined The Baptist Church founded by St John the Baptist but that's another story) and man really trying to live the life of a solid Christian, has posted a blog calling for a Peace Treaty.

This is fabulous.

I am joining him in high hopes and prayer. There is just no room for calling people 'Georgie Gin Blossom' or 'Quivering Chin' - I am refered to as "Loose Cannon" because I post about my experiences in sobriety which really ticks off one guy. I have no idea why it ticks him off but it does and I don't get the nickname but I am certain it means something to him.

Anyway, wouldn't it be amazing if all the men who engage in this childish and silly behavior actually made an effort to post their ideas and wildly divergent political opinions without using crude references, horrible pictures and disgusting nicknames for those who disagree with them?

It is said that we will not end global conflict until we can eliminate conflicts with our neighbors. Father Corapi says that War cannot end unless we are willing to end the War within Ourselves - that struggle between chosing what GOD would have us do and what WE want to do.

Freedom without God is not freedom - it is license - and I see the bubbling cauldron of tantrum throwing on The Hive as a perfect example of why we have war.

So please join me in prayer for Wayne and his peace treaty efforts. May the Lord hear his prayer and grant us the peace of mind and wisdom necessary to behave like adults.



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Mountain Mom said...

Wow! A peace treaty on the Hive? That's rare - and promising. I only pop in there a couple times a month now to see if the hatred has gone away. It hadn't last time I checked. Just can't deal with it. So sad to see intelligent people behave so cruely toward their fellow human beings. I hope
Wayne's efforts work. Guess I'll go read his post.

Take care and thanks for your note. =D Life has been rearranging me for a few months. Sometimes you just have to wait out the storms in quiet surrender to God, listen and learn.