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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Can I get any SATISFACTION????

Lord, Lord, Lord.

No, that's pretty much it. I have no pearls of wisdom to share this morning, the 8th of July. I am simply spent.

I have been fired by a sponsee for insisting that picking up one's sobriety chip a week before your actual sobriety date is dishonest.

I have a manual template that sometimes goes 'flooey' (which I think is a technical term for 'microsoft sucks').

I have a co-supervisor (E) who is either off her meds completely or is simply going through a manic phase.

Look, I am a Catholic so I do understand the importance of suffering but I feel, right now, like Theresa of Avila - if this is how you treat your friends, Lord, it is no wonder you have so few of them.

LOM on The Hive has reached a new level of idiocy and he now has several companions, the weirdest of which has to be W. W claims that St John the Baptist started the Baptist Church.

Don't ask.

I saw a picture tonight of a leather chair once owned by St Laurant which sold at auction for over 28 million dollars.

That's right.

If I could, right now, I would simply show up at John Cusack's front door and say, "Put me to work in your production company for 9 dollars an hour and no benefits. I cannot stand it anymore in the real world and need to hang around artists, writers, actors and musicians again".

Of course, that would last about a year and I would be tearing my hair out yelling at all of them to go get jobs packing groceries so they could experience the real world, but it sure seems nice right now.

Lord, Lord, Lord.

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Christine Trollinger said...

LOL! Some days it doesn't pay to get out of bed. Hang in there Leslie!