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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I am tired

There is nothing worse, I think, than thinking you are almost done with a project and then being handed something extra.

That's what happened last Thursday when we were told that the format we have been using for the Unit Manual is incorrect.

I have been spending the last two nights doing nothing but cutting, pasting, fixing and re-doing...and I am exhausted. I mean, REALLY exhausted. My neck hurts, my fingers hurt and I have had enough of computers all together.

I have also had enough of The Hive. Again.

I know, I know...I do nothing but complain but it does get better once in awhile and then a brand new tangent seems to hit and WAM the nuts are out in force. Since I have no idea of the 'secret societal influences' that are driving some of these goof balls it stops being interesting and becomes confusing.

Mark, one of the Editors, wrote a great Editorial in the Sunday paper about 'trolls'. Now, from what I can gather, a troll is someone who goes onto a blog site and hijacks discussion threads. I see that happening all the time on The Hive and it is weird because it is obvious there is some sort of hidden agenda going on with these nut jobs. One does not have to be a sociology professor to see the personal vendetta's that are being pursued and it really is sad. I mean, come on...don't these people have lives? Do they have no friends? Do their families all hate them? Are they really examples of what one of my POST instructors described: weird old men, in their underwear, sitting up at 3am hunched over their computers and sending out public record act requests or freedom of information demands?

Ah, well....

So anyway, one of the LOM(s) is now demanding that Mark take back his editorial and is exhorting everyone to call Eric, the publisher of The Bee, at home and demand that Mark be forcibly removed from the offices of The Modesto Bee.

I don't get it.....

Since I don't get it, I don't really care but it is an odd experience. I liken it to being 4 years old and watching the adults get drunk while playing poker - and sensing that, besides Mom, I'm the only one in the room who isn't completely whacked out of their minds.

Last night was the last class for RCIA for the month of July. We will be heading to Franciscan University in 3 weeks for our annual training. I am so excited. I have turned in two of the six papers I have to write in five years and if I have the where-with-all to do so I will write the third paper before I go and turn it in to Patty and Gary in person.

Pray for all those people who are hung up on ego there at The Bee. It is a weird and oddly fascinating group to be a part of and to observe. Kind of like a car wreck - only all the cars are full of clowns.


Mountain Mom said...

Keep on keeping on, Sis! You are doing great!

Yes, the Hive does get whacky. I don't do politics there anymore because the reponses are canned, pre-determined by the brainwashers on both sides of isle. It just gets boring hearing the rhetoric. Folks with individual thought are either rare, apathetic, too busy elsewhere, who knows. I do try to interject the goodness of life here on God's favorite planet when I can. But politics, it just gets to nasty there. The world is suffering enough already. I like to put some focus on the goodness of life. There are still amazing people serving an amazing God in our country.

I think that some are not quite sure where it's all going right now politically. It appears at this point that Obama is turning out to be much more liberal than he campaigned as. For me, some of his proposals have left my eyes bugged out and jaw on the ground and I've yet to figure out how to respond to some of them. But...I'm still watching. Super wide eyed but watching nevertheless. I love the United States of America. I want to do right be her and right by God.

I know that, in the Hive, there are folks who feel the same as I do on both sides of the isle. We love our country. It's just that some are too extreme to take a moment and even try to hear what the other side is saying. That goes for both sides. Eyes are closed, ears are plugged and heels are dug in. Maybe time will bring a cool off that will help everyone realize that, like it or not, we are in this together and, come what may, "it" affects all of us. We all need to be praying and seeking God for His wisdom for our leaders.

That's about as political as I can get these days. We need God, we need His wisdom and guidance in these very, unprecedented, difficult times.

Take care, Sis, and keep on doing and saying what you know is right. As far as highjackers and trolls, ignore them. It's hard but it's what's best. And flag their responses if they are not following the guidelines the hosts of the blog have established. Those guidelines are fair and decent. And Mark, well, he did a good job! But that's just my opinion. :)

Mountain Mom said...

PS You hafta read my latest post on my blog! :)