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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sneezy and Grumpy and Loving the Lord

It is one of those nights - one of those crazy, crazy nights.

With all due respect to 70's rock bands, I wish it was a crazy night rather than one in which all I did was blow my nose.

Tonight, I am not just doing an impression of Sneezy but one of Grumpy as well, because I am so tired of blowing my drippy nose.

It's that weird little tickle on one side of my nose, and the itch in the accompanying ear, and the lovely shade of pink the tip of my snoz is turning that is giving me fits.

I left the house with a bunch of kleenex and by the time I arrived at work, two hours later, all I had were soggy shreds of goo which I'm sure paints a lovely picture for anyone reading this post.

Meanwhile, I read Robert's comment on my thoughts on LOM and TS with interest. He's right, of course, that it is the responsibility of those firmly on a spiritual path to treat those just floundering around out there with love and tolerance.

I just wish the words spewed with such venom by these two yahoos were easier to handle.

But, then it wouldn't be a challenge - right?

I can forgive some of LOM because I suspect the man is not sober much of the time he is writing. I have a difficult time forgiving the subtle digs he makes at Catholics and the fact that I am the only local resident posting on The Hive that ever calls him on it - he is convinced, for instance, that Catholics are told how to vote by the Pope (like he has time to do that) so he posts things like "I am a Baptist" and then describes how he is free to vote without being told what to do by Church hierarchy. Which would then, I suppose, absolve him of every horrible thing ever done by someone calling themselves a Baptist - since they do not HAVE a church hierarchy or central authority, it is not his responsibility when a Baptist deacon rapes a Black woman, bombs a church and kills little children because their parents dare to want to vote in their own country or gathers with his other klansman around a burning cross. He is not responsible for the children they molest, the old people they kill for their money, etc etc etc.

But somehow, because I am a Catholic, I am responsible for the trial of Galileo.

Oh this guy is a pip...he is also convinced that those of us who offer proof of the harm abortion has done to women are lying, which leads me to believe he has facilitated an abortion or two and now refuses to accept his part in the killing of innocent children...because they were an inconvenience.

But, ultimately, Robert is correct. Just as he must refrain from name calling and rancor, so must I which really bugs me but is probably why this being 'called-to-be-a-great-saint' thing is not for the faint hearted.

Listen, if Catholics in China can manage to stay faithful while being hunted like animals then I can refrain from calling LOM and TS jerkfaces.

However, for the record? They are Jerkfaces.



Christine Trollinger said...

Jerkfaces are worse than a drippy nose. But they too shall pass one day. Meantime, get well and hang in there.

chimakuni said...

whoops - I let MY IRISH get up due to the likes of ley and Simpson82 on the Hive.


On the other hand, I am so sorry that you are suffering so much, my dear friend. Praying for your ol' stuffy nose!