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Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day - a Day Late but never a dollar short!

First of all, I have a fabulous mother. No, not perfect (though, as a Catholic, I can claim one of those too - The Blessed Mother), but fabulous. My mom is one of the best - smart, funny, supportive, tough, loving and really good looking.....and if I am lucky, all those people who said I looked like her when I was a kid are right and I will be so good looking when I am 87.

We had a great weekend, too. We went out to dinner for Mother's Day and my sober birthday on Saturday night. We went to Olive Garden. I love that place - so does she, and she picked it. We gorged on Toscana Soup and Salad and artichoke dip and those heavenly breadsticks. It was wonderful and we had a great time. The wait wasn't that bad, either, for a Saturday night and besides, it was Prom Weekend in Modesto so we got to see a bunch of kids show up in their gowns and tuxes...and they all looked so darn cute.

Sunday I was able to sleep almost all day. I got up for Mass at 5:30pm and then got to talk to my Sissy Lee Anne and then went to work. I am at work now. I have been faxing and scanning all night long. I will now start working on the manual and on the verifications that are now only 5 months behind...but who is counting?

I am hoping to hear about the CLEARS meeting in Bakersfield but I do not hold out any real hope of getting it ok'd. I have a funny feeling about this place, again and I am not afraid to point out to all my loyal friends, family and occasional readers that every time I have had one of these feelings? I have been wrong. However, in all truth, when working for nuts it is better to be a little squirrely so the fact that I have another funny feeling and expect to be fired in about, oh, two days does not mean I am wrong that things aren't going south. It may simply mean I am picking up on some evil vibes and, being the selfish and self-centered alkie that I am, I am assuming it is all about me.

And it may be just about the squirrel.


I am so funny.


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