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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Return of a Tyrant

I am pleased with myself.


After many attempts I am finally successful at not engaging with LOM on The Hive.

My intentions have always been to not get sucked into his bigoted rantings about the Catholic Church. He is intent on viewing the Church as some sort of giant get together of robotic, mind controlled idiots. His determination to save us all and have us start voting democratically about doctrine and dogma is not only ridiculous, it is insulting.

However, any time anyone has tried to explain to him that The Church does not work that fact, any time anyone has tried to explain to him what The Church actually teaches it is met with stubborn determination to hold fast to mistaken ideas and bigotted opinions.

I vowed over and over again to not engage, to not even attempt a dialogue and fell flat on my own opinionated face again and again and again.

This time, I did not...he demanded I explain a perfectly understandable sentence and I declined. He threw a tantrum and I did not respond.

Unfortunately, his brother-in-arms, a Tyrant who calls himself 'Truthseeker' is returning after an absence from The Hive, which means it will devolve further into a magmire of name-calling, text twisting and threats of suit and counter suit.

Ah well.

I will just post my little blog and make occasional comments on other blogs that will be so innocuous that only someone mentally ill could misconstrue them and go on my merry way.

To my way of thinking, The Hive is an example of what happens when too many people in one place are exposed to pesticides.

Tonight I got to participate in a teeny-tiny way in a very good cause.

Team Chase is a group formed by my cousin George's wife, Melissa. Their little nephew, Chase, is 4 years old and battling stage four cancer. He is currently a patient at St Jude's Hospital and is keeping up the good fight. Melissa, as a good Auntie, has taken up the challenge of raising money for Chase and others engaged in this type of battle. Tonight, at BJ's Brewery in Modesto, she helped stage a fundraiser and, since I am vampire woman, I was able to stop by on my way to work and drop off a very small contribution. I did promise her I would be at the Relay for Life on May 30th to support the effort.

Because I am one of those sentimental loyalists, I enjoy any chance I get to help and be near people with whom I share DNA...and yes, I understand that science has so far proven that I share some sort of DNA pattern with everyone so really I should be satisfied when I smile at someone while stopped at a red light but that's not what I mean.

Part of the delight I have in staying sober for seventeen years (!) is that I get to do these kinds of things. People do not see me coming through the door and get that 'oh no here comes trouble' look on their faces. Today, they actually smile and jump up and give me hugs. How's that for a change? Family members who once wanted to hide their addresses and telephone numbers from me are now thrilled when they get to see me.

Amazing what sobriety can do.

So anyway, if anyone reads this tonight or tomorrow, please keep little Chase in your prayers. Please keep our cause in your prayers. Everyone on this team is determined to raise money for good, solid research and not pie-in-the-sky-maybe-if-we-kill-off-those-we-don't-need-we-can-find-a-cure research.

Maybe, its the pesticides.....


Christine Trollinger said...

Ya done good...And praying for the wee one.

Mountain Mom said...

We will definately be praying for Chase and for the fundraiser. Contributions to the American Cancer Society and the St. Jude's are not wasted! The are both excellent organizations.

Also, if you don't mind my requesting, pray for my friend who is in stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Has been for a few months.

Jehova Rapha: The Lord Who Heals. That's in the Bible, Protestant and Catholic both. How we need Him now!


Robert Stanford said...

I can totally relate to this - though not for the same users and issues - but you know - I have my own - like fighting with certain other tyrants that we are all God's children.

Sometimes, I think they just say they are walking with the Lord to try to bring credibility to an empty shell that is in reality not filled by the Holy Spirit. But it is certainly not my place to question their relationship with the trinity.

But just like you, I struggle constantly to not engage - just not to answer. Because it always goes to the same place - nowhere.

I feel so similar to the temptation of Christ on his fast with these people - because there is no resolution there - they are only looking for a fight for the sake of fighting.

All of their statements and all of their threats etc. are not for finding truth or even to convince us of anything.

They just want to make us terry so that we do not achieve our intended goals.

Robert Stanford