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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Staying away from Sin and Good-bye, Dr Oz

Well, guess what? That doyenne of cultural diversity, the queen of open-mindedness has fired Dr Oz as 'her' doctor. We can guess why - he did not toe the Oprah-party line. He dared to speak the scientific truth about adult stem cells vs embryonic stem cells and everyone knows Thou Shalt Not Cross the Oprah.

Sad but true, ladies and gentlemen. The woman has deteriorated into wanting to be a god..and if you do not worship at her established altar, you are banished from the realm.

I don't watch Oprah anymore anyway because of my time constraints but it is so sad when people I once had such admiration for have just become giant blobs of self-congratulatory wastes of time. I feel that way about Dr Phil as well - not because I think he is wrong about stuff but because he keeps aligning himself with that horror of a human, Gloria Allred (spelling?). I just cannot stomach her - so while I will watch him once in awhile, he no longer has space on my DVR.

I am staying away from The Hive for awhile again because there are two major scandals brewing in The Church and I just do not have the strength to deal with LOM. I should, I know, but I am tired and I need to steer clear of him while these latest brou-ha-ha's blow over. It is, I will say, more for his sake than mine because I do not like him....I have to love him, I know, but I do not like him.

You know what it is? I have had my fill of angry people. I normally can pick up the lance of Truth and go back into the fray but I cannot stand the anger and the name calling and the sarcasm - and when it is used to spew ignorant venom towards a particular group of people, be it a religious group or a political group, it just gets so tiring.

I know it is me - I need some rest and I need some space because they are just sucking the life out of me...and they keep coming "like mosquitoes".

The day I see a discussion on The Hive that does use words like 'republitard' or 'libturds' or demand that a private, religious university act in a certain manner because it is on American Soil...well, that day will never come so why bother even dreaming?

I ask for prayers for the former Archbishop and the Miami priest....the Archbishop is very brave, to admit he is homosexual and to state that he embraced his vow of celibacy after falling from grace once thirty years ago. I have no reason to disbelieve him, unless I buy into the Oprah belief that a gay person is incapable of not having sex. And I ask for prayers for the Miami priest, who wants to be married AND wants to wear cool looking vestments and stand in front of a congregation...the ego is amazing, and the lack of humility is going to kill him. He is leaving The Eucharist - not for a woman, but for a radio show.

How sad is that?


Mountain Mom said...

Take good care of yourself dear lady! Faith is under fire and so are persons of faith. It is scripturally sound to avoid discussions that lead to nowhere. It is also good for our mental health. :)

I am not Catholic, but I do believe in the Bible as the true Word of God. The Holy Scriptures say to uphold one overtaken in a fualt in much prayer. You are right to request prayer for your brothers. I hope that each one in error submits to the power of Jesus Christ, to be delivered, saved, and rescued.

My son-in-law had a SUCCESSFUL stem cell transplant . They used his OWN stem cells! Scientific fact: stem cell research and treatment does not require the use of aborted babies, their blood, their tissue, their umbilical cords. I applaud Dr. Oz for having the courage to speak the simple truth on the matter.

Leslie K. said...

and you, my Mtn Mom sister-in-Christ, are a lot more Catholic than you THINK!!!! Love you!