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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Prayer to Papa

Abba, Eternal Father, Your first commandment to us is to increase and multiply and subdue the earth. Work is sharing Your creative power. Prosper the work of our hands and give us great reverence for all the different labors which build Your kingdom, enhancing and ennobling your human family. Humble us never to look down on the gifts and works of others as beneath us. May our self-centered sophistication never limit Your ability to work wonders. Joseph taught Jesus to sweat and work - to be sensitive to the poor and oppressed - and to know the miraculous power of faith and gentle power of Abba, Dad. Give us Joseph's spirit to reverence all labor and laborers as holy-as sharing the divine creative power. Teach us that our labors do not win or earn Your love, but rather are manifestations of Your presence within and beyond us. Gentle, powerful Joseph, as Jesus' "Abba", you are our "Abba" too, since we are his sisters and brothers. Prosper the work of our hands and the faith of our hearts.

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