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Monday, April 20, 2009

Catholics and Laughter

"My first pastoral letter's gonna be a condemnation of light beer and instant mashed potatoes -- I hate those two things."
--Timothy M. DolanArchbishop of New York

Recently I shared a Patrick Madrid story on The Hive about his conversations with a good, Baptist man and how his taking this man to a Catholic Church to show him some of the artwork there backfired. The night he chose to take the man to see the art was the same night they were having a party in the Church Hall.

Every open minded person, and every Catholic, on The Hive got it...the horrified look on the man's face when he saw bingo, beer being served, cigarettes being smoked and the Pastor dancing to a Polka band....but LOM did not get it and acted very outraged at the 'desceration of a worship center'. I had to explain to him that we, Catholics, do not HAVE worship centers: We have a Church, with a Tabernacle and inside that Tabernacle is Jesus Christ Himself. We don't have parties in the Church. We have parties in the HALL...there is a difference.

Ah, sigh.

Natalie and Gordon are at the house and I thoroughly approve of Gordon. What a cutie pie - especially since he obviously think Natalie is the greatest thing since sliced bread. He can stay. Him and his beautiful blue eyes.

I am having one of those challenging health nights where I cannot figure out if I am having problems due to allergies or I am simply having a hot-flash-menopause-night. Either way, yuck. There had better be some soul flyin' outta Purgatory on this one, let me tell YOU.

I have to work on the manual and I keep putting it off, doing all these other non-important things first. Truth is, this manual has taken on a life of its own and it is way out of hand. E has even spoken about buying some sort of software program that writes manuals for you. Oh please, that is ENOUGH. However, I have one year, eleven months and about 15 days before I can retire so....if she wants everything put into the dang folder, what do I care?

Over the weekend I watched a movie where Keanu Reeves played a bad guy and it completely creeped me out. He played a serial killer. Oh MAN it was creepy. So, now I cannot decide if he is a good actor or if the director just told him to be his usual semi-doofusy self on the screen. Either way, the film achieved its purpose - I had ever flipping light in the house on by the end of the movie and had to watch some DVR'd episodes of 30 Rock before I could go to sleep and know I would not have a nightmare.

Ok, I better get to work.

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