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Friday, April 10, 2009

Modesto's Walk for Life

Today I participated in my first Walk for Life!

I have never been able to do anything but donate money, prayers and open arms to unwanted children. What I wanted to do this week was to walk, on Good Friday, with my brothers and sisters who believe women have been lied to, vilified and told to suck it up and stop whining for too long. I wanted to be with people who think like I do, to walk with women who - like me - believed the lie that killing our own children would somehow mean we were in charge of our own lives and our futures.

BUT, I always had to this year I made it a point to take Holy Week as a vacation. And this morning, at 7:30am, I gathered in the parking lot of Eastridge Church with Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Muslims and true feminists and walk for four miles.

And my body was sprung by the end, let me tell YOU!

I am so much thinner that when I went to The Holy Land three years ago but I was in better physical shape then, I think, because of all the strength training I did to prepare for my surgery and for my walking through the desert. By the end of the walk, my hip and the tissues around the knees were singing Ave Maria. I kept thinking, "2000 years ago He walked through the streets of Jerusalem after being physically tortured just for me. I can walk four miles on a bad hip and two titanium knees for His children."

SO - I did not get to be there for the Live Stations of the Cross. I did not get to attend the Holy Communion Service. I did not get to do much but go home and wrap myself in ice bags after an Epson Salt bath....but I got to walk for LIFE.

Next year, I will be even thinner and I will be in better shape and I will also carry a sign....I didn't realize I had to make my own sign for today's march but I got to carry my Rosary and pray with some people from my RCIA class - two new Catholics who are so excited to be Catholics Out Loud.

And my sign will tell the truth - I regret my choice. I regret my abortion. I am grateful for the forgiveness given to me by Jesus Christ, for the incredible Sacramental Life I have been offered by The Holy Mother Church and for the lives I have been given a chance to help reach maturity.

I really look forward to retirement.l I want to look into opening a St Anne's House here in Modesto. It is too difficult trying to rescue one child at a time - though I am very proud of the 15 Godchildren I have today that were scheduled to be aborted by their sorrowful mothers - and I want to take those who state that they want to help women by providing services to task. I want them to put their monies where their mouths are since they are always screaming about how us pro-lifers only care about babies before they are born. That is a lie they have been fed by their trainers - and if you want to see them sqirm, tell them their turn to change diapers, cook, do laundry or teach computer skills, money skills and lessons on how to pass the GED is Saturday from noon to 4pm.

They usually do not show up.....but the people who were on today's march do show up.

Anyway, one of the saddest things we lost in the 1960's because of lack of funding were the St Anne's Homes all over the Bay Area. I want to bring one to life here in Modesto.

Dream Dream Dream, I know.

I finished the screenplay - the first draft, anyway. I sent it onto Susan to check over for me and she will be able to by the 17th.

I go back to work Sunday night. My middle nephew leaves for his trip to DC and NYC on Sunday night.

I wish I did not have to go back to work because I can tell by the tenor of the emails written by E and V that they are back to being roaring jerks again. Oh well....I am really hoping I am wrong and I will be pleasantly surprised.

Monday night I get to teach about Angels.

The genius that is Catholicism, as Matthew Kelly says, never fails to astound me.

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