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Friday, April 3, 2009

Good fun and preparing for Holy Week

What a great week! I spent the entire time with my cousin Susie from Durango and yes, I am probably the only person left on the planet who still calls her Susie. We had such a great time. We went to the City and God gave us a perfect day - I mean, PERFECT!

The weather was gorgeous, the waves were gorgeous at Ocean Beach and the food was FABULOUS.....thank you Mae and Larry for lunch. Giselle met us there along with Gloria, another Susie friend from her SF Teaching days.

We got together with John and Betsy on Wednesday and on Thursday the Gafneys - other friends from our old SF Days, came down from where they are now living (Stockton) and we all went out for lunch.

I am exhausted tonight. I am also a little worried about my Duffy dog - he cracked a nail and there was blood he is wearing a cotton ball soaked in neosporin and one of Jillian's little white socks until we can get the thing to clot properly and scab over. Susie and I drove around Modesto to find a stiptic pencil and that helped stop the bleeding a little bit but every time he walked on it the bleeding started up again. Poor little guy.

Heidi is in Rome right now with 39 other pilgrims from St Joseph's. Sunday begins Holy Week with Palm Sunday. I am so tired tonight I just am going to veg out. And my new secular hero is Valerie Bertinelli. I may not be able to ever wear a bikini again but she does have me refocused on becoming a better physical me.


chimakuni said...

Happy veging out, lady!

I read Valerie's autobiography - it is good she is your new secular hero - every time you think of her, pray for her to come to know Christ in the Eucharist...she needs Him as much as the rest of us do!

Love ya -

Christine Trollinger said...

Have a great Holy Week. You don't need a bikini to look great though...LOL!