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Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter to us ALL!!!

Alert to those who read the Hive (and no, I do not have proof of this so we cannot post it there). The person posting as Wayne who claims to be a Baptist believing that his church was founded by St John the Baptist - which I guess makes him Jewish, since St John's ministry was a precursor of the New Covenant - may be a multiple name used by someone with a personal axe to grind against me. It is sad, but probably best if we just put on our Jimmy Akin hats and respond to him only with facts, calm and love.

Stephen took off Sunday night for his 8th grade trip. The class is going to Washington, DC and then to New York City. They will get to visit all the usual sites at our nation's capitol as well as attend a Broadway play in NYC. WHAT A GREAT TRIP!!!! May St Christopher watch over the children as they travel and Our Lady cover them with her mantle of protection.

I had a really nice Easter. I was able to participate in the Walk for Life on Good Friday, pick up a sister-sponsee on Friday night, be at the Tenabrae on Saturday morning, my meeting on Saturday morning and then help with the preparations for the Easter Vigil for the rest of the day. The service was, of course, highly moving and I always end up in tears about three times throughout the beautiful liturgy. I watch the people I have helped shepherd through the past 2 years of instructions and it is amazing...amazing, I tell you! This year we had 37 people - one in Rome - who entered into full communion with The Holy Catholic Church.

This year, in Inquiry, we have two people who literally walked in off the street and sat in a Catholic Church for the first time in their lives and said, "Jesus is here.".

This sort of conversion experience always touches my heart in a special way. The people that has happened to in the short time I have been Home have all ended up playing an ongoing and special role in my life. Their simple faith, their willingness to do what is necessary to learn and grow in discernment, the obstacles they overcome in terms of family rejection and struggles with what the world teaches as opposed to what Truth offers - I am humbled and in awe of them. The privilege I have of being one of their catechists is eclipsed by the privilege I have of their being my teachers.

So I am back at work - and I spent a good hour tonight before I got into the car asking St Michael the Archangel to go into the office ahead of me and clear out all the pain, anger, resentment, heartache and jealousy that is there. I know I am a woman who reacts to emotions like fear - I get sick to my stomach and ready to run - so it is important that I call upon the holy angels and saints to assist me in this task. I do not like this job. I do not like the atmosphere of anger and defensiveness that is perpetrated. I always wish people could be kinder to each other and what I have discovered is that, if I make that a point of my prayer, then I am able to face the challenges that are part of the job with a modicum of grace and dignity.

May the risen Lord guide us in all we do. And I hope everyone who reads this little tid-bit of thought has a great, great week.

Oh, and for those who are interested, I will be a guest blogger for Degra Legg as she takes off for parts known...


chimakuni said...

I pray you had a GREAT night (day!) at work. I am sure it will take a little bit of time to get back into the swing of being up all night and sleeping during the day...

Gotcha on the personal vendetta thing...prayers for the person -

Happy Easter!!!

Leslie K. said...

thank you, My Darling Sister!