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Monday, April 27, 2009

Another Opening, Another Show

I must be growing up. I have seen absolutely nothing on The Hive that gets my attention. It is full of the same ol' same ol' and after awhile, one just has to ask oneself if it is worth having even a peripheral affiliation with people so intent upon chasing their own tails.

Ah, it is probably my allergies still giving me a bad time that makes it tough for me to stomach the ramblings of LOM and his legion of either fake names or weird accomplices. I figure he will run to see the opening of the movie 'Angels and Demons' and believe every single part of the movie is 'truth'. The big bad monster of a Catholic Church has, in his opinion, suppressed historical evidence that only a bad fiction writer in a small town in upstate NY was able to ferret out.

Uh, ok.

Meanwhile, I am mulling over a new idea for another screen play - a little more in your face than the first one, which is still in its pre-rewrite-stage. Still, I think I need to at least do the treatment on the idea so that it is on paper and I can access it when the cobwebs are blown out and I have more time.

Wanna hear the good news?

I switched to AT&T U-verse over the weekend and now my computer at home is on the fiber optic cable and it is SO much faster I cannot believe it.

Wanna hear the bad news?

I have to memorize new tv channels and learn a brand new remote control.

I think I should be pleased that I have to do these things because, well, it keeps my brain from freezing.

On Friday, while the installation was going on, I received a telephone call from a woman in distress. It surprised me, because I thought this gal didn't really like me. She acts as a sponsor for people in RCIA and I always had the feeling that she looked at me and saw someone who is a little too loud when she talks, a little to boisterous in her laughter, a little too Auntie Mame-ish for her tastes. Maybe I'm right. It doesn't really matter because when push came to shove, it was me she called about her husband's alcohol and drug problem.

And I gave her some direction and by golly her husband called me that night - because the jig is up, you see. His daughter found his stash of pills and his wife told him, "You are OUT of here as of right now". So he called me....and asked what he should do..and as of today he has 3 days of continuous sobriety and his wife and daughter have the house to themselves. He is in a hotel until his kid goes back to college in about 5 weeks.

He has gone to a meeting, he has found a sponsor, he has called me every day and he has managed to blame at least one other person for his present dilemma. Good for him...right on schedule, as a newcomer should be, and I told him tonight that if he plays his cards right he will never have to do days one, two or three again.

So please keep G, MA and K in your prayers. They are a family in crisis and in pain but also one that has the possibility of healing. Alcoholism is a family disease....but the miracle that is AA is available to anyone who wants it, as well as anyone who is convinced it won't work.

Because in my experience, the 12 steps don't care if you believe in them or not.....they just work.

Good night.

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