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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Today's Gratitude List

First of all, thank you all my cyber friends and my NW Sissy, Lee Anne. Your kinds words and support is awesome and is much appreciated.

I fought with my laptop computer all weekend - it will now acknowledge that there is a router in the other room but it will not allow me onto the internet. It says that there is a wrong 'key' on my computer. I thought I put the RIGHT key on it but it keeps telling me it is not the right key and so I still hate my laptop.

BUT - for whatever reason? It is still hooked up to my desktop and will print - so I was able to print out my almost-finished screenplay. I have about two more big scenes and then it is over and ready for re-writes. First I will give it to Susan, along with a big red pen, so she can not only make 'creative' notes but circle the formatting boo boos.

The crew at work is really amazing. I am so grateful for all the prayers over the past 18 months because I believe they are paying off in a big way. E is being nice. Ok, she is not being so nice to the clerks but she is treating me with a lot of respect and I am grateful. I believe she is really trying to put what she learned at the POST training into practice and I give her lots of kudos for that effort. That woman has been a pain in my neck since I started here and I have done a lot of complaining and whining about her - well, she is doing better in her relationship with me and for that I am very grateful.

Tonight I am going to plunge into working on RO(s).

Tomorrow night I may get to present in RCIA - on Creation.

Today was the Penitential Rite for the Catechumates and Candidates that are coming into the Church this Easter Vigil. We have almost 50 young people and adults - a lot are being baptized but we have even more who have been baptized in other Christian traditions who are now seeking full communion with Rome. We call it 'swimming the Tiber'. They are coming Home to Rome...and on Palm Sunday night, a group from the RCIA team leaves for Rome where Heidi will be welcomed into The Holy Mother Church by the successor to St Peter himself, Pope Benedict the XVI. B16 - we are big on nicknames now, since JPII - is a wonderful example of how The Holy Spirit works in the life of an individual. I will never forget the look of terror on his face right before he was presented to the Faithful (and the world) as the successor to John Paul II (a very tough act to follow). Then, right before he stepped through the door, it was as though a mantle of protection had been thrown over him. A look of peace and resolve came over his face and he broke into a brilliant smile. He was not longer Joseph Ratzinger...he was The Holy Father.

I also remember the joke he made when someone asked him what he was most looking forward to about being Pope. "A short reign", he said.

May Our Lady continue to protect us this Lenten Season...and does anyone know who the patron saint of laptop computers is?


chimakuni said...

When my laptop and the wireless internet d-link are arguing, I plug my wireless laptop into the d-link and readjust the attitude that way. If that does not work, then I unplug the connections d-link (is that the router?) and then I unplug the the cable box from its power source. I then let it sit for a good minute (kind of like time out) and then plug it back in, start re-plugging the connections into the d-link and sometimes that kicks it into gear.

I am surprised it wants the "right" key in this increasingly "left" nation of ours!!! (bada - bing!)

Hope that helps! Always, my prayers and love -

J D 3 said...

Are you creating a part for me? If you do, make sure I am not like the unknown guy who beams down with Kirk and know, the one that always get it from the space alien!

Leslie K. said...

Lee Anne - I'll try that next....and JD - there is always a part for you!

J D 3 said...

Again.....make me a cool dude in your flick......