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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Life and taking a deep breath

Ok - here is the good news.

The information sent out yesterday by our union coalition had a typo. This typo freaked out the entire office so that most people had visions of declaring bankruptcy, standing in line at soup kitchens, jumping off of high rises while selling apples on the street corners we are about to plunge into...the typo stated that they were proposing 40 furlough DAYS through June 2010...which meant about 3 a month, which meant a loss of close to 1/3 of our paycheck take home.

The memo should have read: 40 furlough HOURS...which comes to about one day a month and may translate into 'give up satellite TV'.

OH man I will be glad when this stuff is decided.

Lay off warning notices go out from CCSO this week.

E apparently went to one of those new-age things this weekend. There is a note on our desk that says "raike". Unless that is someones name I think she means Reiki which is a goofy practice involving the 'transfer of energy' from a shaman or healer to the person needing healing.

Here is what I think is so damn funny: If I was to suggest to E that she go receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation and then attend a healing Mass to receive a special blessing she would scoff and call that stupid.

But apparently there is nothing stupid about walking up to someone wearing a tie-dyed skirt and a head scarf at a 'New Age Healing and Love' convention, handing them 10 dollars to get a 'reading' and then letting them grab various parts of your body so they can transfer their energy into the wounded areas.

You may be able to tell from this post that I have 'been there' and 'done that'...I probably have a drawer full of tee shirts too.

I also received an email from a sponsee telling me that someone did an astrology reading for her and "told me the same things you have been telling me for the past 2 years...isn't that amazing?".

I am in the wrong business. I should be wearing broom skirts and no bra under a cotton safari blouse, my hair in fake ringlets, and have a sign in front of my house that says "Life Coach - Succeed with Spiritual Love Guides / Master Card and Visa accepted".

Natasha Richardson, the incredible actress, was in a horrendous skiing accident and is in critical condition. Apparently she is brain dead - according to TMZ - and this talented woman is the mother of two young boys.

May Our Lady comfort them in this time of sorrow and if it is her time to leave this earth may she be welcomed into His kingdom.



Christine Trollinger said...

You would make a great Life Coach! You go girl.

chimakuni said...

so - you won't take AMEX? Well - I will have to go to another tie dyed, hyped up hippie!

love ya!

Leslie K. said...

ACK! I would get so tired of the whiny whiny whiny stuff - I can't STAND newcomers right now, could you imagine if I tried to make a LIVING at this?