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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Oh us Women - we is just so dumb!

The nothingness of me is strangely loved; Sustaining ever -- The all of love, my need, is strangely here -- Departing never.

St. Therese

I really need to just give myself a break and not be drawn into the obvious hypocritical, insane logic displayed by the Thought Police over at The Hive. However, I am human and every once in awhile I just have to try and interject a tiny bit of sanity (even trying, at times, to use humor to do it)into a discussion. It will backfire, I know it. I will be raked over the coals by the Thought Nazis but you know what? Nothing ever worth the gold of heaven was won by sitting quietly and ignoring stupidity.

As I often tell my RCIA class, we Catholics stand on the shoulders of giants. Christians who, in the first centuries after Christ's Resurrection, risked it all just to be able to go to Mass, to baptize their children, to study the Faith. St Justin Martyr, a man of incredibly courage and intelligence, was put to death simply for being logical. My own patron saint, St Cecilia, suffered from her mortal wounds for three days before finally leaving this mortal coil and entering into the Kingdom. And today, priests and nuns are dragged through the streets by mobs - beaten, gang raped, humiliated beyond human endurance because they refuse to say no to The Eucharist.

So, how can I ignore even the feeble jabs of a lapsed Catholic and a drunk as they attack a man for having the courage of his convictions by conducting business according to the teachings of The Church?

Here is what kills me - a man opens a pharmacy that refuses to sell artificial birth control and the outcry of 'The Church is keeping women barefoot and pregnant!' begins.

Which means, of course, that us women are so incredibly stupid, docile and browbeaten that we are incapable of chosing, for OURSELVES, how we want to live our lives.

Apparently, no woman has ever left The Church over the subject of artificial birth control...or, if they have, the Swiss Guards or Opus Dei (depending on which book of Dan Brown's you decide to read) sends out the Holy Goons to drag her back from secular paradise and then force her to get pregnant...holding her in dungeons underneath the Cathedral at Notre Dame until she gives birth, I guess.

Now, these people who post these ridiculous things about how The Church forces us poor little females into being barefoot and pregnant are the same ones who shout about America being built on choice...but I guess, because I am a woman, I am much too stupid to be able to make my own whether or not to follow the precepts, teachings and doctrine of The Church. So the big old government must save little ol'me and make sure that someone who wants to run his business in a way that follows his own personal religious beliefs cannot do so.

Authentic Feminists are those who, like me, have gone around the block several times and found their way Home. We are saddened by those of our sisters who make poor choices, but we understand why they do it. The fear of 'being told what to do' is going to strip them of freedom is so strong we will run headlong into a burning building to avoid looking like someone is bossing us around by telling us to stay out of the flames.

Telling someone who foams at the mouth over my beliefs that I have accepted them because my experience has proven their value and worth is almost always useless. I once asked a screaming secular feminist if she had ever read Humanae Vitae (the document she was vilifying). She hadn't, of course, because to do so would mean having to use her brain for something other than a garbage can for about an hour....but she knew what it was all about, by golly, and had no problem telling me that I am a traitor to the cause by reading it AND agreeing with it.

St Teresa of Avila, one of the strongest women to ever walk the planet, had a word for people who reject that which they never take the time to try and understand. She was challenged by the Inquisition because she insisted that living a 'worldly life' within the confines of a convent does not a holy nun make, thereby insulting the same type of people I regularly infuriate on The Hive. When she was asked what gave her the right to tell someone else how to live, she replied, "My sin would be dark indeed if I did not tell someone they are in error. Their sin, however, is darker if they reject my warnings simply because they do not like the sound of my words".

I am no St Teresa of Avila. Heck, I am hardly a nice woman in my own right let alone a saint. I know I should not let the drunken ramblings and hate filled demands of a few people get my proverbial goat. Maybe they have - or maybe, if I think about it, what I was given was another opportunity to speak for Truth.

So many in the world have grasped the great lie - you too can be like gods - and worship now at the altar of science no one ever EVER stops and thinks anything through to a logical conclusion. If you point out the damage, the actual physical DAMAGE artificial birth control has done to the female population, to the environment, to the males of the West you will be hooted down as someone who wants women to be 'barefoot and pregnant' - as though all we have to do is stop taking the pill or using an IUD and WHAM, instant baby!

The stupidity is, at times, overwhelming and I am beginning to understand why St Jerome walked around hitting himself with a rock all the time (If not for the stone, Jerome) because of his bad temper.

Oh well...back to work...will someone please pass me my rock?

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