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Friday, October 24, 2008

Lord, relieve us of all anxiety

Here's the deal - every once in awhile the little devil in me appears and I end up baiting people. And I shouldn't. But it is so much when TS on The Hive posts about the horrible people at the Tony Alamo Church of the Freaking Weirdos and I just have to ask why he would so blatantly limit this man's choices. I mean, isn't America built on choice?

That is his argument for abortion, for gay marriage, for the evils of the Catholic Church, for artificial birth control - let's not take a look at the idiocy of that logic too closely because, lo and behold, it will become apparent that there are limits to human freedom, that America is not built on choice and that pretending that it is leads to fascism.

This morning I spoke with one of my suffering sponsees. She has a week of sobriety (again) and cannot click together the realization that the secret life she lives with an abusive husband is why she is unable to put more than six or seven months of continuous sobriety together. I also sense the "I need a new sponsor" mode about to kick in which would be fine with me. The sickness behind those closed doors is a bit overwhelming at times. Her husband has a big 'look good' going on...the whole "I've been sober for six years and I am fabulous" thing - and I told her that if she really wants this relationship to work then she needs to take a stand with him about his keeping his hands to telling him that the next time he finds it necessary to put his hands on her in anger he will be spending the night in jail and everyone in the fellowships around town will be told that he is in jail and why...people do not like wife-beaters, even if the wife has a nasty mouth when she drinks. Normal people look at a man in that situation and think, "Leave the house, you idiot".

I did my morning Liturgy of the Hours around 3am - The Hour of Divine Mercy - and it was around that time I had the inspiration to sort of needle the Ultra-Libs on The Hive...I won't do any more, of course, and I will let them just blast me for what I did fact, I won't be even reading their drivel for a week or so. The web guy and I had a great talk the other night, introduced ourselves and I told him I usually am pretty well behaved and when I act up it is only enough to make one or two people angry....and they will think they won because they will tell me about pedophile priests and then scream about how I manage to work in the conservative agenda on everything.

What is funny is that most of them don't have the intelligence to find out the Truth on Catholic Teaching. If they did, they would know that we do not fit into a particular idealoge, that a Catholic who disagrees with the Pope about birth control is not considered a good Catholic and The Church is not a democratic institution. The Episcopals are trying that - and look what is happening to them?

Anyway, tonight I get to have dinner with the Bishop and I will be well behaved, polite and kind. I will also be around like-minded people for an evening, and that makes the entire rough week worthwhile.

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