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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Lunacy at The Hive

I have come to the conclusion that at least three of the people involved in most of the hate-filled, discombobulated, goofy postings at The Hive ( are drunk when they go online.

It is the only way to explain the bizarre sentence structure, the weird attempts at logic and the claims (later) that they were telling jokes that no one gets because they are so much smarter than the rest of the people posting.

When I was a daily drinker, one of the methods I would use to cover my tracks was to pretend that I was making high-brow literary analogies. I also would pretend that I knew something no one else knew about the person questioning my alcohol-soaked logic, something that was evil and dark and so made any ideas my antagonist had about my being outright goofy suspect. You see, it is not that I am incoherently drunk. No, the real problem is that they are bad bad people. Don't trust anything they say, especially if they want to know how the hell I got from here to there or where the heck I came up with THAT conclusion.

So much of what passes today for political discussion is no different than school yard bullies of either persuasion having contests of strength. There are two guys who post on The Hive that, after reading their titles alone, one is tempted to just say "Oh for God's sake...I'll go get the ruler, you all unzip your pants and let's settle this once an for all, shall we?".

I have no doubt these men cannot figure out why they cannot get a date.

There is a woman posting again on The Hive that decided about a year ago that I was a religious bigot because I held firm to my Catholic she very pointedly ignores my input on a subject, and then stumbles over herself when she reaches out to someone else and discovers they too are a Christian who is rightfully pro-life and anti-death and thinks the world is not going to come to an end tomorrow and ultimately believes that there is such a thing as Objective Truth.

Eventually, this entire little ring of people gather together in front of the virtual fire of relativism, paint their little faces and dance around in celebration yelling, "We promote Unity! We promote Love! We promote Diversity!".

When someone tests their beliefs, however, by asking to be respected for their own all hell breaks lose. Words like 'hate monger', 'bigot', 'racist' get tossed around - all in the name of Unity, Love and Diversity.

If it was not so sad, it would be hilarious.

Oh, heck...even though it is sad, they are still hilarious. It is like watching people write bad sketches for SNL.

I have now officially lost 65 pounds.

What does all this have to do with losing weight?

Ok, I will tell you - I have already voted. I voted my conscience and I voted for life....which means I ended up voting for a third party candidate. I did not throw away my vote and I will tell you why. Ultimately, whether this be about the election, the economy or whether or not I hit my goal weight by January 7, 2009 everything has to be boiled down to one common denominator...who do I trust? Do I trust the American people or do I trust God?

As much as I would like to believe the words of our most patriotic songs, ultimately I trust Divine Providence and know, know deep in my heart that no matter what happens and who lives in the White House at the end of the day, we are going to be fine. Will there be suffering? Of course. Will there be sadness? Yes. But there will also be joy and laughter and lots of good times ahead - because we are children of Light, children of The Word and how can you be that and not smile?

God is either all or God is nothing - and while it is important to stand up for Truth we must never EVER despair and think, somehow, that we are losing a battle. No we are NOT....we are under siege, perhaps but when have the children of Light NOT been under siege?

I just cannot get behind those who want to retreat to an 'off the grid mountain retreat' (translation: a cabin without THANK YOU) in order to protect themselves from the coming chaos...oh get over yourselves...God is either all or God is nothing. And I have had too many examples of God being all to ever believe the lie that it is up to me to take His place when something does not go my way.

Today, I thank God for my life and the chances I have every day to wake up sober and with a pretty good idea of the geographical area in which I awake. I am grateful that I do not need to mold my life around calling people names on The Hive to consider myself a truth seeker or a bearer of reality. I am grateful for the Sacraments, for The Eucharist and the chance to keep my self as full of grace as my inadequate nature will allow....and most of all I am grateful for that which I know to be Truth:

I am grateful that I know I am on the winning side.


Mountain Mom said...

Amen! "We've read the Book and we win", part of a song I like! Very encouraging words and your thoughts about the Hive are "spot on"! Blessings to you and yours and have an awesome day! MtnMom

J D 3 said...

Nice blog! You are now in my favorites. God Bless

Dean said...

I agree with mountain mom! And you are totally correct with what you say about those people over at The Hive! Thank you so much for this post! My prayers, as alway, are with you...

-Your Lil' Bro from Sac