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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rage Against the Machine

It is a mark of extreme meekness, even in the presence of one's offender, to be peacefully and lovingly disposed towards him in one's heart; then it is certainly a mark of hot temper when a person continues to quarrel and rage against his offender, both by words and gestures, even when by himself. - Saint John Climacus

It has been my experience that alcoholics are not the only people who have verbal arguments with people who are not physically present; however, we are usually the only ones who can say, with honesty, that we have actually LOST some of those arguments.

That's pretty hard to do, you'd think. I mean it is bad enough to argue with someone who isn't there...but then to have them best you?

One of our parish priests reminded us all today that nothing, and that means NOTHING, happens in God's Universe in error. He went on to say that he really didn't care if Proposition 8 does not pass in California. Let them believe what they want to believe, he declared in a very strong voice. I stand on GOD'S LAW and I stand on TRUTH...and I don't care how many times someone may declare a lie to be a truth, a lie is a lie is a lie....

I have stated many times that I see a future in which there will be a backlash against those who challenge God's Law with the in-your-face tactics used by polygamists or homosexuals. That backlash will not be one in which machetes are swung at the heads of children, like in Rwanda. Nor will it involve mobs dragging nuns into the middle of the street to gang rape them, like was done in India. No. It will be a quiet backlash. Slowly, those of us who do not recognize goofiness for anything other than what it is - lies and goofiness - will start to work to create laws that PROTECT OUR RIGHTS.

We will not let someone with a grudge try to take down our priests by forcing them to perform a 'marriage' The Holy Mother Church does not recognize or lose their right to perform a state sanctioned wedding in California. We will not allow our children to be taunted and shamed for praying, for relying upon a Sacramental and Liturgical Life to help them walk this path...we just will say, quietly, "You go your way...we will go our way...and let's all make sure the streets are paved and the cops get their paychecks, ok?".

My very intelligent cousin, Trace, says that certain radical elements - like, say, NAMBLA - will not be able to push their agenda next because while not everyone is gay everyone has been children. I think, however, he is being naive...but it doesn't matter. Because at some point people will realize that the only people getting rich over this stuff are lawyers while the every day folk are being forced to foot the bill for all the damage that will come from trying to be inclusive. At some point, someone will go "HEY! Why is the STATE licensing what goes on in my CHURCH and charging me a FEE for it?". And then the fight will start again - and language will be drafted so that people like me will just sign a piece of paper and pay the clerk 25 or 50 bucks and then the state will be satisfied.

I am participating in a Novena to Our Lady of Victory but I think the victory has been won. We, those who love and serve God in a quiet and meaningful way, know who and what we are...we have not had to punch anyone in the eye or vandalize their houses because of political signs in the front yard. We have not had to give gay people the finger as we drive by them or try and run people out of town on a rail because we do not agree with them. The crazy people on both sides of the spectrum have done their own stuff - we have clung to faith and reason and by golly no one is going to make us let go of either one.

Jesus, We trust in THEE!!!!

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