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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I wish it was Friday

I did something really fun yesterday. I went to The Hive site, dug through the archives and posted comments on some of the REALLY old (like 3 years old) blogs. Once you do that, they show up in recent posts and it makes it difficult to find the more recent, hate-filled, childish and stupid stuff people have been filling the place with since the arrival of the Thought Police.

Yes, the Thought Police. They are out in full force nowadays and, God love them, I am convinced they are good hearted people who have completely forgotten how to listen. They usually claim to promote diversity and unity - but only if you agree with them - and if they cannot win your mind they attack your personally and with a visciousness that is amazing. It is like playing with a three year old who has not had a nap in about a week; only this three year old is 6 foot 5 and weighs 300 pounds, and can bench-press a harley.

My friend Christine (Writing for the Lord on this blog site) had a run in with Thought Police with real power. She was contacted by the Attorney General of her area and told to watch out what she says about the Democratic Candidate for president. She reminded him that she was not posting threats or slander, just her opinion on his stand on the Right to Life for all humans, not just the ones that can walk around on their own strength.

So, the other news in my life is that I have been accused of being a racist by my lead clerk because I demanded she leave me alone the other night. I am so hurt by this accusation I cannot even speak to her. However, I know that I am in good company. Our Lord was accused of all kinds of thing. The early Church was accused of cannibalism. The Church in India is undergoing horrific attacks; women and men being gang raped in the streets by Hindus because they are Catholic. I can take a little tantrum by a woman who refuses to work as hard as she should and then takes the easy way out when confronted about her poor performance.

There is nothing else going on. I am tired and I am still sick and I wish I had won the lotto over the weekend, but I am ok. God loves me and all is right with the world for now....for if His plan is perfect, then I cannot question what is going on...I must be willing to trust.

Jesus, I trust in You - but are You SURE.....??????


chimakuni said...

You are a racist? My goodness - you ought not to be hanging out with me...remember that I am not a WASP!?!?

You know, this political correctness has gotten out of hand...just stupid and dumb and so nanny, nanny, poo-poo stuff.

Imagine adults running to tattle contrived tales and such - she told me...blah, blah, blah and it is all because I am of this ethnicity. Oh whoops - don't have to imagine - it is actually happening...

It gives everyone a bad name and leaves a bad trail of questioning one's sanity. Yah - you racist? I don't THINK so!

John Calvin: Calvinism My Way said... would you like to respond to this for my readers?

John Calvin: Calvinism My Way said... could you respond to this for me please?