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Saturday, October 18, 2008



Ok, I want everyone to go to Christine's blog (the one where she is being declared public enemy number one) and read this post...because, see, I watched John Stewart's show the other night and there was a very funny joke made about Joe The Plumber - the joke? The first 7 minutes of media scrutiny will be positive and then we will spend the next 8 minutes trying to destroy your life.

The whole point of the mentioning of Joe was not to make him a media sensation. Senator McCain was trying to bring to light the very real frustration so many of us feel today as we try to grab ahold of some part of the American dream. A little house, not a McMansion. A job you don't have to drive 2 hours to get to, not necessarily being the CEO of a multi-million dollar business. Maybe a chance to retire and enjoy giving back to the community, rather than having to spend our entire lives working to pay off other people's bills.

My parish thinks I should be giving them 50 dollars a week because I make more than 40k a year. I would love to do so....I cannot. I think those running the parish are completely unaware that some of us are literally working ourselves to death so we can have medical benefits.

Oh well, who has real problems? The six year old boy kidnapped by drug dealers? That's a real problem.

I am not mad at my parish....however, I think who ever decided to send out that flyer with the 'suggestions' on what to give is crazy. I cannot believe they meant to shame people like me who are really the working matter what it says on a piece of paper.

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