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Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Express

Last night Mom and I went to see the movie, The Express. It is based on the life of Ernie Davis, one of the greatest halfbacks football ever knew. A contemporary of Jim Brown, he was signed by the Cleveland Browns but never got to play a professional game because he contracted Leukemia and died at the age of 23.

It is a 'formula movie' - the kind made fun of by critics and pseudo-intellectuals who do not know how to have fun. Seriously, that is their problem. The best 'get away from it all movies' are formula movies and a sports formula movie? Done right it can be heaven. This one is done right. You get a little history lesson, get to hear names that sound vaguely familiar from years of Monday Night Football with Howard Cosell and you get to watch the good guy ultimately win the day. How much fun is that?

A lot.

Today, I went downtown for a bit and got my picture taken with Moonshine, the 16 week old bloodhound puppy recently purchased by the Modesto Police Department. What a lot of fun. I talked with one of our city council members, Dave Lopez, and got to thank him for helping my nephew Ryan with his recruitment ideas for the Sheriff Explorers and I took the time to go through the Mistlin Art Gallery. We have some incredible local artists on display there at the Gallery. I picked up some animal treats for my pets and all in all I had a lovely Saturday morning.

Then I fired off a quick email to Judy and Dan at the Modesto Bee. One of the uber-liberals on The Hive (a grown adult man) has started using vulgar language to attack someone he politically clashes with in terms of presidential candidates. The man (or woman) blogs under the name La Verdad which is Spanish for The Truth. The weirdo, the guy who considers himself so open-minded and diversity loving that anyone who disagrees with him is a hate mongering nazi who wants women stoned to death for having abortions, has taken the blogger's nom de plume and used another Spanish word that is similar - only it translates into 'The Penis'.

I have no way of conveying to you how this kind of stuff drives me crazy. This type of petty, childish b.s. gives middle-aged white men a bad name. They become either stereotypical right-wing nuts or left-wing goofballs because of men who do this kind of thing on an open, public forum and call it 'debate'.

Apparently this guy is older than I am, which means he has to remember the days when there was civilized political debate on tv and radio. Of course, there were also people challenging each other to duels and shooting at opponents on the floors of various state legislatures but there was a time when leaders (in public) behaved with decorum. This guy must have been a wanna-be hippy radical but was too young at the time - it's hard to go to Woodstock when you have to be home by five to do your homework - so he lets himself act like an ass now and calls it freedom.

His latest deal is to post AMERICA STANDS FOR CHOICE on everyone's blogs. I tried to engage him in a discussion on that statement one time but he ran away with his white guy's tail between his legs. He knew he could not answer any of my points and he was afraid, so he just demanded that I change my mind because of the priest's sex scandal and then stopped posting.

Believe it or not, this guy has been in my prayers every day for about the last 3 months. He is so angry and so belligerent and so nasty that he gives people who do not support McCain a bad name. All the people he attacks end up looking so much better than he does that it is pathetic.

Oh well.

I have gotten to the point when I despair of ever hearing a real discussion like those once held by William F Buckley and Germaine Greer. Simple logic, points being made, disagreement without being disagreeable - I am guessing those days are done. None of the uber-libs on The Hive can do it and the uber-cons who are posting there are unable to build a slow but steady argument. I miss civilized exchanges and discussions. I am so tired of people this weekend.

Not really.

Most people I know are pretty cool.

I just realized my cousin gets married on November 8. Did I tell Susan we would get together on the 8th or the 15th? I better email her right now.


AGirlNexDoorCreation said...

Congrats to your cousin...and hope things get less stressful for you..have a good weekend..Hugs,TerryAnn

Leslie K. said...


chimakuni said...

Dollars to doughnuts, this uberliberal man is a post abortive man who is furious that he had no say in the demise of his child OR, he is paying child support for a child that he wanted aborted. Either way, he is not a nice person.

And, when you encounter a person who is not nice, you do need to pray for him, as you are doing and you need to walk away from them and their hatred.

I admire you for sticking with the Modesto are much, much stronger than you think!!!

God loves you and so do I!

Christine Trollinger said...

The guy is a pain I am sure, but God obviously knows you can handle it.

Congrats to your cousin.

Leslie K. said...

YEAH but I don't WANT TO HANDLE IT ANYMORE...I want him to GO AWAY....I think he is a man who was complicit in several abortions based on a comment he made to me about 'helping a few women through this type of thing'. When I challenged his recollections simply by relating my own story, he got viscious.
God, grant me the serenity....