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Monday, April 21, 2008

The Weight Drops some MORE

I accidently stepped on the scale this morning when I was getting ready to come to work - I have now officially lost 35 pounds since 1-7-08. I was thrilled.

I started taking cod liver oil pills on Saturday because I read where cod liver oil was found to help reduce pain and inflamation in people with RA and other forms of arthritis. I'm sure it has something to do with omega-3 fishy oil things but I don't care. It would be so nice to be able to reduce the amount of medicine I have to take right now. I take pills every day, once a week and injections every two weeks. After awhile I person get tired of rattling with pills. Thus the weight loss program and cod liver oil. I got them in pill form because no matter how much I would like to find natural ways to treat my pain I cannot stand the taste of cod liver oil. I may want to feel better and take fewer pills but I am not stupid.

I did enjoy coverage of the Pope's visit on EWTN over the weekend. It was gratifying to watch stadiums full of loving, smiling people all united in prayer and celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass together. Just watching it on television made me feel 'a part of' in that special way that people like me yearn for all the time.

It is 5:40am. I have only 6 more hours of work and I can head home to bed. I am going to try and get to RCIA tonight. I have PT tomorrow so I can go straight home and straight to bed. E goes for the Sexual Harrassment training today so I am not sure what kind of mood she is going to be in this morning. I am going to go over to and do some morning prayers. The presence of The Eucharist, even through the magic of the internet, can permeate the office and hopefully fill the entire place with the grace we need for peace and calm and good will towards all.

May my patron, St. Cecilia, help me attain the grace I need to be a lady of dignity and strength as she was during her short life. May St. Therese, my beloved friend, take my intentions to the throne of Our Lord and pray with me for the conversion of souls - especially my family members who have left The Church.

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Christine said...

St Theresa pray for us all. Praying for your family members and mine to return to Holy Mother Church.