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Monday, February 4, 2008

United with Him and SuperBowl Ads

Ok - the title may seem like a stretch but it is important that I live in the world without being a part of its poison, right? And one of the ways I distinguish poison from good is that which makes me laugh out loud is good - that which makes me go 'eh' is not so good and that which makes me sit up and grab for the remote to change the channel is of the Devil, no doubt about it...which means it could be anything from a speech by Pat Robertson to a Girls Gone Wild Ad on tv....

But first - let's talk about uniting our suffering with Christ's on the Way of the Cross.

Father Serpa, of Catholic answers, gave a sermon one time that took us through the suffering of the Passion. At each step of the way he asked us to find times in our lives when we might relate to that step, in even a small way.

Today, I find myself getting more and more nervous as the clock ticks towards the time I have to leave for work. It is difficult for me today to live in the moment - to enjoy writing this, playing with Duffy and just putting on my make up because at 1pm I have to leave to go to work. Now for me, this can manifest in physical symptoms of head ache and shoulder aches and sick stomaches.

I think about Jesus in the Garden, praying while He waits for the soldiers to arrive. I think this is what Father Serpa means - to find a spot that relates in even a small way to what He went through that night. I decide to unite these feelings of distress, no matter how small, to Him and thank Him for the opportunity to suffer - because this suffering may help Sharon who decided to no longer participate in AA and it may help Rick, Chris' son, who waits to see if his oral surgery was successful and he is healing properly. It may help Lee Anne, who waits every day to hear how her mother is and wonders if they will ever be truly reconciled before the woman dies and it may help our soldiers who are in Iraq, waiting to find out if they are on their way home or on the way to another battle.

All of us have to wait in fear for something. While there are those who say fear is the absence of faith, I disagree. I believe fear can be side-by-side with faith and that the job of the Catholic is to recognize the fear for what it is and then make it a prayer.

Lord, I pray today that I may remember those who have worse waiting periods than I do. I pray that I may use the emotions that flood my body for good and not pretend they are not there, for without them I would not need to turn to You for help. I would think I am always fine. I thank You for the sunshine and the love of my family and friends. I thank you for the chance to be a Catholic when times are difficult in my life and when I do not feel Your Presence. I thank you for my life today as it is, exactly, and promise You that I will (with Your grace) try to be the woman I am meant to be rather than the one I want to Jesus' Name, I pray.
St. Therese, comfort me today.. Take my petitions to His feet and pray with me - that my family and friends be safe and that I may be a model of humility rather than one of sarcasm and nastiness....

oh - and can I win the Lotto? Please?

And another thing - I have decided that my two favorite SuperBowl Ads were Pepsi Max and E-Trade Baby. I love the bit from SNL and anything that makes little kids look like they are talking just makes me laugh - depending, of course, about the talking...the aside about the clown and the 'creepy factor' was awesome.

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