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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thank you, Lord, for my Life today

Yesterday was rough because V, the manager, was in a rather bad mood. She was tired. I understand. Today, much better. We are caught up on RO(s) and S is back...she is the RO clerk...and so far nothing I did yesterday is wrong.

And tonight is quiet. After a week of being hysterical with backed up work tonight is calm. That is such a gift from God.

I had to have a long and serious talk with people at the parish today about the problems we are having getting our AA meeting to go off without a hitch. Hopefully they will help. Apparently, my wish for a key may come true in about 2 or 3 weeks. We'll see.

On Feb 20 I am signing a piece of paper in a lawyer's office that transfers a huge chunk of money from my control to Ryan's. It is his money, part of a structured settlement he was awarded as an 18 month old as a result of the car accident that took the life of his mother, Lisa. This is not all the money. Our family put into place, at the time of the award, a ton of safeguards that would keep the money safe for him and from him, if that makes any sense. We had seen over the years too many examples of young people being awarded huge settlements and then ending up with nothing in about 5 or 10 yrs. My favorite example is a friend of mine, Earl H., who lost his entire family in a plane crash about 20 yrs ago. He was the sole survivor and he inherited a HUGE amount of money and property and stuff - and within six years he had zippo left. Nada. Nothing. All gone. That was not going to happen to Ryan.

Even after this transfer of the first chunk, it will go into an account under his name that will require two signatures on a check. The reality is, if he keeps the money for about 2 years he will be able to pay cash for a house....or he could buy a really ridiculous sports car now.

Ryan is a wonderful boy with good values...but he is 19 and has a heart of gold. One good con and there goes the money. As someone who fell for a con artist when I was an adult (and sober!) I know it can happen to anyone, dumb or smart.

I am hoping to get an ok for a shift trade on 2/20....and I am hoping to get ok'd for two personal days off in March that would give me a 4 day weekend and allow me to attend NCCAA and teach on Monday night...we'll see. I don't expect anything so I shouldn't be too disappointed if nothing happens.

The management is weird. V will bend over backwards for some people and not for others. She's the boss so it is her perogative.

I am so tired.

I am still losing weight - down a full 18 1/2 pounds since 1-7-08 - and a pair of pants I just bought are already too big.....great.

The life of a quietly consecrated woman is full of silly stuff, apparently, like weird bosses and suddenly rich nephews. I am so glad that I have a job, no matter how hard or difficult, and I am so glad I have a God who really loves me, fat or slim, sober or not.

Thank you, Lord. My life is what is supposed to be, I guess and for that I am very grateful.


deb said...

I think that you are doing the right thing in safeguarding your nephew's money. I knew a young man who got into a bad car crash. Due to the injuries that he suffered, he got a large settlement. Sadly, he ended up blowing it on friends who helped his addiction to alcohol grow into an addiction to drugs. He lost all his money in a short amount of time.

My hubby and I have both said that we hope our oldest son, Josh, doesn't come into any money until he has worked for awhile supporting himself.

deb said...

I have one more person to tag. Bwha ha ha(evil laughter) So, now I am tagging you LOL. The rules are on my blog. It was hard for me to come up with six random facts about me.