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Sunday, February 10, 2008

I am the worst blogger in the world. I do not know - for instance - how to direct you all to some of my favorite people here on the internet....people like Macile at or Lee Anne at Matthew's Mom here at blogspot not to mention Maggi-O our resident writer at Widow's Walk. So if you are perusing the web and put these names in you will have the chance to visit some incredible people. They love Christ. They love His Church. They love life. They are truly Catholics Out Loud.

I spent yesterday with my sponsor and 35 other members of my sponsorship family. We helped her celebrate 32 yrs of continuous sobriety. Her sponsor was also there - Millie, at age 86 has been sober since 1966 and is just a kick in the pants.

Then, and added treat - I went to pick up my mother in Martinez. She had spent the day with her friend Harriett who is my 'other mother'. There waiting for me was my Goddaughter, Kara, with her new husband Nathan (married about a year) and their new baby girl, Brigit.

Brigit is six months old, fat and sassy and pretty as a picture. It was such a gift to be able to see them.

I was on my way home and the engine light on my car went on. AAUUGGH. I hate having to deal with car other than filling them with gas. However, my new found attitude is 'oh well'. I called and left a message in two places for the boss telling her I may be late in tomorrow as I have to take in the car at 7am to have it checked. She is always telling me that this is what our emergency time is for so we'll see what if she is telling the truth.

I guess I just have to let go of the fear of not being in the right or being treated well or anything going the way I think it should go. The reality is, if there is something wrong with the car it has to be dealt with because I drive close to 900 miles a week. It is what allows me to work. So they need to deal with it.

Meanwhile, let's keep two special children T and E in our prayers. They have a long row to how right now because their Mother has given into her own fears and demons. Let's ask Christ to protect them, and keep them safe.

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Christine said...

LOL! I'm not so hot myself yet sissy.

But copy the url of our Blogs ie: select page layout...then add page elements and links. Paste in the url and put in the title: ie. A Widows Walk in the last box...ignore the other options/boxes as they duplicate.