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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Roses Request!

I am about to get into the shower and then go to the dentist. The other night an old filling fell out of my mouth. There is no pain, not even discomfort, but there is a large hole in the side of one of my teeth and that needs to be plugged before it becomes a problem. I hate gong to the dentist, not because of the pain but because it is such a big deal for someone with artificial joints. You have to start taking antibiotics and you have to rinse with special tooth wash and everyone has to know - did you take your pills? Did you rinse? Yes Yes Yes. It is a lesson in humility.

Last night I did nothing but Restraining Orders. I did the research, I did the entry into CLETS and I did the entry into Tiberon. I did the new orders, the emergency orders and the reissuance of the temporary orders. I worked solid, with three 5 minute breaks, from 3:00pm until 1:30am.

So comes back on Monday. Technically she is the only Restraining Order Clerk. She will be doing this herself. Sheena is supposed to do the second checks. I don't see how this is going to be able to happen but you know what? I just do not care anymore. We will do the best we have with what we've got and God will give us the strength to carry on. If the department wants this done faster then money will have to be found to hire new people to beef up the force.
Life is pretty good since the anger over my situation faded into acceptance. I am still too tired and not really at the top of my game physically but that's ok. I have lost 22 pounds and all my pants are too long. All my bills are paid. I get to go to my homegroup tonight. All that is good, right?

St. Michael the Archangel, please defend me in this battle. St. Cecilia, pray for me. And St. Therese, my beloved friend, you promised to spend heaven doing good here on earth. I ask today that you cover the office with spiritual roses of love, protect people from the demons of sarcasm and anger. Teach them all to accept the way of love as the way to work in the world, so that we no longer feel the need to build ourselves up by putting someone else down.
And I pray for E and V - that they have a rekindling of the love of God and the graces of their baptisms flare up and bring them Home to the Holy Mother Church.

OH - am may I win the Lotto?

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Christine said...

Did you buy a ticket sissy? LOL! It may help!