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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Car Accidents and Angels and being Catholic OUT LOUD

Thank God for Angels
I was in a car accident on the way to work today. It was not my fault and that is consolation, because I am so sore and hurt right now I can barely breathe. My car is totalled. I am going to the doctor's office at 8:00pm tonight. I have to rent a car tomorrow.
The man who hit me was following too close, which I noticed about 5 miles before the accident. Because it was raining, I was driving a little under the speed limit. He was right on my tail, in a big, red truck and by the time he realized there was a stop light and a line of cars (with me on the end) he could not stop in time...and KABLAM! - there went my rear window and back of my little PT Cruiser. He spun me out into oncoming traffic and I corrected back into my lane but hit and spun and hit again the car in front of me.
The first person to my car was wearing a 49er sweatshirt, so I knew I would be ok. The man who hit me also ran up to the car.
Here is where my Guardian Angel came in - he said, 'Oh my God are you ok? I am so sorry I am so sorry" and instead of saying what I was thinking, which was, 'I am ok but you are a big baboon for driving like an idiot in this weather you stupid man in your stupid truck in this stupid place where everyone thinks it is so cool to drive a stupid truck or a stupid SUV you big idiot I hope you fall down and die right now',out of my mouth came, "I'm not badly hurt. Are you ok? Please, don't worry. Accidents happen."
He burst into tears.
The CHP showed up almost instantly and treated me like a princess, because I work for the Sheriff Department. My cousin, the attorney, said, "Isn't it amazing to be treated like that? When we think of our rather checkered pasts, to be treated like one of the good guys...doesn't it blow you away?"
My car is toast.
This is my second PT Cruiser. It is the second time I have been rear ended by someone going faster than 40 mph while driving a PT Cruiser. Both times I have survived with minimal injury (though I am stiff and sore and want to cry) because the cars are built low to the ground and on a very strong frame. Unfortunately, Chrysler no longer makes PT Cruisers which means I will have to get a different car if mine is truly toast.
Lee Anne - my sister in the Pacific Northwest - read my email to everyone and called me right away because that is what she does and I am so lucky to have her. When I told her what came out of my mouth she said, "Being Catholic Out Loud!" and we just laughed.
I am so grateful I have a job. I am so grateful I have medical insurance. I am so grateful I have so much time on the books I can take tomorrow off if need be and not have to go to work until Sunday.
I am so grateful to God for my Angels - human form and actual - because I would hate to have to go through something like this alone.
The doctor I am seeing tonight is Dr Gallo - perfect for someone like me, don't you think?
Thank you, St Therese and St Cecilia for helping me today.

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Christine said...

Glad you are ok Sissy! Sorry about your poor little PT Cruiser though.

I hope all your aches and pains are minor and swiftly fade away.