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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

And the winner is

Interesting evening. I came into work and E had been very frantically putting together a new procedure for the office deposits in an attempt, I believe, to make sure it was not something I got to do. Now that probably sounds whiny and I don't mean it to but she is such a strange little woman. She even argued with V the manager about something she wanted to put into place regarding the spread sheets. My suggestion would not work because (and I had forgotten to take this into consideration) we are on a network that would make them accessible to everyone so that sort of blows the security factor. However, her insistence that they be numbered and those numbers recorded will work great.

I got to do a bunch of second checks tonight with D on the warrants. I have a much better understanding of the system now. Not completely, of course, but it will come and at least when someone tries to tell me how hard it is to do 2nd checks I can say, "Gee, I am learning how to do them and I don't find them difficult at all".

Everything here is so strange to me - so many undercurrents of intrigue and I keep wanting to stand up and shout "We are CIVIL SERVANTS not SECRET AGENTS". Then again I have never done well with the 'us against them' mentality so that is part of the problem.

Jillian called me at work tonight to tell me that her fish had a baby. She named it Nemo. I hope the fish does not eat Nemo - that would just shock the heck out of her.

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