Monday, February 3, 2020

The Theology of Losing the Superbowl - Redemptive Suffering?

Oh the pain of defeat!  The blown calls, the poor choices of coaching in the 4th quarter, the interception!  I tell you this was a heartbreaker!


Then I remember:

My team came roaring into the 2019 season and took the NFC Title.  We have a team full of rookies and young players and the season was just magic.

And in all honesty, if I have to lose to someone I am glad it was to the KC Chiefs.  That Patrick Mahomes is fun to watch and they have had a 50 year drought - we have only waited 25 years - so we can bide our time.  CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CHIEFS (and we will be back!)!!

The best part of the entire season has to be the time I have gotten to spend with my 98 year old Forty Niner Faithful mother (who, btw, has fired the coach after yesterday's loss so....).  She was honored in the press, by friends and by the team.  Every game was a chance for me to build some amazing memories.  I am so grateful to God for allowing me this time with her.

I am grateful to my friends and my friends of friends for sending her swag and making her smile.

I am so grateful for all the fun we had this season (hey, Niners - can we lighten up on the heart attack games next year?).

I am so grateful for the friends who joined us for games and helped cheer our team into the Superbowl!

And I could not be more grateful to Brian Clark and John Holland of the Modesto Bee for giving her a shot at local fame.




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