Monday, May 14, 2018

Family is The Church

Yesterday was 'Mother's Day' in America.  Our day was really fun.  My mother, who is 96 1/2 years old, was surrounded by her grandchildren and our 'other grandmother'.  All came to celebrate together and laugh and eat and other wise have a glorious morning. 

I got to be the short order cook.  'Who wants another waffle?' and 'do we need more bacon?' were the questions I got to shout from the kitchen.  I scurried back and forth, paused for a group picture, and then made more waffles.  I had so much fun - we all had such a GREAT day!

The family is not united - there are two missing - but I pray that this will not be forever.  We are also worried about the health of one of our family members who could not join us but we all know that God is in charge.
I love my family.  I love my Church.  I am blessed to have a family that is The Church.  I pray some day for all my family to be members of The Church.
I know that is God's Plan.  Those who straddle the line - who kinda sorta want to be Christians without committing to the whole shebang - will find themselves struggling off and on throughout their lives with their faith, with their commitment to friends and with their sanity.  I do not make this statement lightly - I have seen it again and again. 
I am so grateful today to walk with both feet on the ground and worship in they way God asks me to worship.  I am grateful I got to spend one more Mother's Day with these wonderful people.  I am grateful to be the person I was supposed to day at a time.

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