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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

But the Bible CLEARLY says....

A fantastic perk of working where I now work is that my boss is Dr. Doug Beaumont, former Evangelical and author of the book Evangelical Exodus.  I have learned much since starting here in April and am forever grateful to God for providing me with this job.

Recently, he shared with me the ongoing debate between a 'Young Earth Guy" (of COURSE there were dinosaurs on the Ark!) by the name of Ken Ham and Dr. Richard Howe (from Doug's alma mater Southern Evangelical Seminary).  Apparently, there have been dueling blog posts about exactly how young the earth is as both Dr. Howe and Mr. Ham believe in the Young Earth perspective.

For a better explanation you can reference my boss' blog post here.

He does something really clever in his post and I hope you take advantage of the link.

It gets me a thinkin' about all those people who are picking and choosing their Scripture to make sure they can avoid having to confront a tricky question.

What did Jesus say we needed for eternal salvation?

I will leave you to read Dr. Doug's blog.....and I will come back later.


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